Holly takes 3rd in best trick

  ” Once again the PKRA was part of the annual  Mondial Du Vent event held in the small coastal village of La Franqui famous for its strong winds and lagoons. It’s a relatively straightforward road trip from the UK so I decided to drive there. I packed up my Mercedes Vito Sport Van which is so nice to drive :),  picked up my friend and fellow competitor Tala in London and together we set off for the competition. It’s  roughly 10-12 hours drive depending on traffic and whether or not you choose to take the toll roads, which are expensive but for sure faster. Tala has some cool beats and there’s always plenty to talk about so the time passed quickly enough!


The wind forecast was looking very good for most of the competition and with around 150,000 visitors expected over the 9 days of the Mondial Du Vent, anticipation was high amongst the large turnout of competitors in both the mens and womanise fleets.Qualifying rounds were held in the early stages prior to the main event and the crowds were strongly behind the local French riders, cheering every move. Having won thru the qualifiers on my 9m vegas I was safely into the single elimination. The next day on my 5m, my heat strategy was wrong and I disappointingly went out against the French champion. My second chance in the double elimination was always going to be tricky….. winds were super strong and gusty with even some of the guys choosing their 5m kites. Even on my 5m I was well overpowered and didn’t get the moves flowing in my usual style. But it was a fantastic show by all the riders in such difficult conditions, and by now the crowds were cheering the superb kiting by everyone, especially the Dominicans with their spectacular arials!


The final day of the competition was set aside for the Volkswagen sponsored ‘ Best Trick ‘ . I felt comfortable on my 7m vegas and progressed thru the heats pulling some big air moves, winning over the crowds, drawing great applause, and reaching the final where I was STOKED to take 3rd. What a wonderful end to the event! I was presented with a nice bouquet of flowers and my trophy by the head of Volkswagen France on the podium.



Another great event! Thanks to all the sponsors that made the event possible and thank you to my sponsors – North Kiteboarding + Airbound Apparel + BKSA ”