Hunstanton delivers UK National Freestyle champs

Hunstanton delivered world class freestyle kitesurfing this weekend with some of the best attended – and most fiercely contested – rounds we’ve ever seen.  From defending champs and returning stars to inspirational newcomers, we were privileged to enjoy some of the best kiting we’e seen in a while.

Massive thanks to our generous sponsors: Dong Energy, Highline Extreme’s Lifestyle’s Festival, and last but certainly not least (far from it) the amazing officers and members of the Hunstanton Sailing & Watersports Club.  Huge thanks also to all of the dedicated competitors and their supporters who turned out to make this such an incredible event.  Full write-up to come soon, but for now, congratulations to all of our new 2014 Champions.

Men’s Pros

  1. Sam Light
  2. Tom Bridge
  3. George Dufty

Women’s Pros

  1. Ros Jury
  2. Hannah Whitely
  3. Holly Kennedy

Men’s Amateurs

  1. Joe Keenan
  2. Daniel Oysten
  3. Aaron Clasper

Women’s Amateurs

  1. Holly Keenan
  2. Nora Groose

Men’s Seniors

  1. Pete Jones
  2. Dave Wilde
  3. Pete Whitely

Men’s Juniors

  1. Tom Seager
  2. Toby Cooke