IKA Juniors & Masters World Race

The Grand Prix Guyader will start on April 28th, until May 15th, 2 weeks of pure show on the water, with all kind of supports. This is the only event where you can see the whole world sailing in the same bay!

 All sails in the bay!

Have you ever dreamt to meet giants of the seas, skippers from world races as the Vendee Globe, or Single handed around the World Tour races, Well, they will all be here for the 1st week end:  Multi 50, Imoca 60 & Class 40, with skippers as Bruno Peyron, Roland Jourdain, Marc Guillemot, Vincent Riou, Pascal Bidégorry, Francis Joyon, Jean Le Cam, Laurie Smith, etc…

It’s a great opportunity to meet them, and watch their fabulous skills in Douarnenez bay. 

No doubt that if you want to come sooner to train and get used to Douarnenez bay’s conditions, you wont be disappointed, many things will happen before this World juniors & masters race.

Simply Unique

Where, better than in Douarnenez are we able to organise such an event? Nowhere. And it is not famous sailors such as Bruno Peyron, Roland Jourdain, Bruno Sroka, Vincent Riou, Pascal Bidégorry, Francis Joyon, Jean Le Cam, Laurie Smith or still Michel Desjoyeaux that will deny this. They all came to Douarnenez and came back for the sailing, the atmosphere, the beauty of the site. It’s purely for pleasure, which is also the case for the 300 volunteers.

 And the recipe is simple on paper: a nautical sports centre with a bay, huge and without obstacle. An army of volunteers from about twenty associations lead by a handful of passionate local people « in love » with their country and sailing. Sailors, by the hundreds, some world famous others, pure amateurs. About twenty nationalities, tens of medals and titles. high tech or classic boats. All sharing the same passion on the water. A very regurous organization with friendliness & conviviality as a leitmotiv. 

 Finally, one needs all the energy of the Société des Regates des Douarnenez’s members so that the magic operates.

It is also essential to convince financial partners because, even with the best will in the world, without a budget, nothing of this kind is possible. This year, it is Christian Guyager, President of Guyader Gastronomie  who becomes the Grand Prix sponsor and so offers his region an unforgettable show.

All out in the bay !

Grand Prix Guyader, it is 18 festive days and three weekends free shows, on the water and on land.
First weekend, from April 28th to May 1st: offshore races with Multi50, Class40, Imoca, joined by Kitesurfers, Windsurfers and others « speed freaks ».
Second weekend, from may 6th to 8th: the M34, new boat of the « Tour de France à la voile » and the Longtze make their entrance in Grand Prix Guyader with three days of regatta.
Third weekend, from may 13th to 15th: kitesurf world championship and the first Nahskwell trophy in stand up paddle with a unique downwind « sea marathon » in the bay  of Douarnenez.

IKA Juniors & Masters World Race

 In Douarnenez, we like to do things ahead of others. It all started in the early 2000, when, at the time, the Grand Prix Petit Navire decides to invite some strange athletes, with a strange sport… kitesurf.

We were a few to make some runs and shows in Douarnenez bay, in the middle of all those boats. It was really cool!

This was due to Ronan Jolle, former race director. He then decided to organise some proper races, as everywhere else, there were freestyle competition. Speed crossing was born, and with it, the 1st French Championship!

Then, after year, we continued to organize this French Championship, until 2008 where we decided to organize the first European speed crossing race Championship.

And this year, we have the pleasure and privilege to welcome the first World race championship for juniors& masters!

 To compete, you need to be under 18, or over 35… we could have called this event « Fathers & Sons » ! 

It’s the first occasion to compete in family!

You can compete with your custom or production board. Also, Foils are welcome to make some show, but they wont get into the ranking. 

We wait for all, crazy riders, to come and have some good time in Douarnenez. 

Besides world racing, it’s also a very convivial event, with more than 100 volountary people doing their best fto give you a great welcome.


For your confort, Carole DERRIEN will be here with her caravan for massage!…. Check her blog, you wont resist: http://carolederriensgm.over-blog.com/

 Eric CIRE, a sculptor, specialized in ploynesian art  will present & make some of his Works. He will also some make some great trophys for us

 blog: http://cire29.blogspot.com/

 Thanks to our partenrs : FFVL, IKA, Ouest France, le Télégramme, Douarnenez Ville,  CG29, Communauté des Communes, Guyader, Hénaff, Envao, Pro Limit, Weleda. We still wait for answer from others parteners.

 Further information available on our new website : http://www.grandprixguyader.com/

 Organizer : Société des Régates de Douarnenez.

 Contact : Fabienne d’Ortoli : [email protected]