IKitesurfmag Issue 11

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This issue it is all about quality content! We have spent some time with some of the most influential kitesurfers on the planet to bring you our Pro Files.
Guys who have shaped our sport to what it is today, Robby Naish talks business, Andre Phillip talks IKitesurf Magstyle, Ruben Lenten talks about going your own way and lastly Tom Court talks about being in the shadow of the worlds greatest kiter Aaron Hadlow! Talking of whom we also look at arguably Aaron’s most successful year to date in an editorial special.
50 Knots Broken… It has been 20 years since a French windsurfer called Eric Beale broke the speed barrier of 40knots. Know it is the turn of a French kitesurfer to do the unthinkable…
High Quality Videos…
Technically it isn’t HD, but it’s about as close as you can get on the web! This issue we have gone all out to hugely improve the quality of our videos. Not only with the contributors who provide them but also the ones we create. There are loads in the magazine to enjoy so feast your eyes on the richness of the footage!
The Usual Suspects…
Of course we have more gear on test, Christian and Karine are on hand to talk about body dragging upwind, The heel to toeside carve and the basics of waveriding. Plus the stepping-stone to a KGB, a back roll to blind with an airpass. That should be more than enough to keep you busy for the next few weeks! Plus all the news from around the globe with the PKRA and a young lad called Forest Bakker.
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