Instructor Conference

The BKSA will be holding an Instructor revalidation conference this autumn. It is to be held on Hayling Island on the 4th October at the Inn on the Beach. Starting at 10am

It is a requirement of the BKSA to revalidate your instructor qualification every three years. This means all instructors who qualified in 2004 or before this need to attend a conference to maintain registered with the BKSA.

The purpose behind these conferences is to bring instructors up to date on current teaching practice. Much has changed in kitesurfing training in the last 3 years regarding equipment, schools, standards etc. It is important to be aware of these changes if you are still actively teaching.

The conferences are a day course and will consist of a delivered session by BKSA training and a number of proactive workshop sessions designed to get instructors talking and sharing info and teaching experiences to improve the way we all teach.

There is no cost involved in attendance, but we need to know numbers so please contact [email protected] to register your attendance.

All attendees will receive a renewed certificate re-qualifying them for a further 3 years from the conference date.

Failure to attend will result in non registration to the BKSA. To re-qualify after these dates will involve attending a training centre for a day course. A cost will be payable to the centre for this.

[email protected]