Jo Wilson, Coaching & Kitesurf Holidays

Jo Wilson, one of the BKSA’s top kitesurfing coaches is running kitesurfing holidays and coaching around the UK this summer and Autumn.  Providing some of the best conditions close to home its a time of year where the UK beaches can be as good as any where else in the world.  If you are looking for some small tips to improve your riding then you can take Jo up on some 1:1 sessions throughout August on the beautiful, spacious beaches of Cumbria or alternatively book on to one of her week long UK holidays in September. 

To contact Jo email her on [email protected] or give her a call on 07919 276 405.  Prices start from £65 per person for group sessions or £449 for her week long holiday in Tiree or Cornwall where accommodation, coaching and more is included.


The Wilson Chronicles; Kitesurfing Coaching for intermediates and advanced!

I hope you are enjoying the sunny UK.  I’m just back after a great 5 weeks in Egypt and am glad to be pulling out exactly the same clothes to continue wearing!  Winner.  A bit of wind and that would be just right, but instead its back to mountain biking for me which is also great.  I know many of you are busy with half marathons, triathlons and mountain biking interspersed with your kitesurfing so I hope training is going well!

I spent much of spring with a pretty major injury.  I broke my leg in April sprawling about in the shallows.  I like to think I was going for something pretty radical and hardcore like a quadruple handle pass with my kite so low it was almost touching the water, but in actual fact I was training for an old skool contest in Austria, failed to get my board back on when going for a board off and crashed in shallow water, toppling over my leg and broke it.  After lots of bone healing remedies, help from a great physio (thanks Sarah at Physio Remedies in London) all is getting better and from the start of this month I have been back on the water and its beginning to feel strong again.

Being injured was actually great.  It forced me to cancel a few plans (nothing major) and made me sit down giving me time to re-assess how I run my coaching holidays and how I can improve them.  I have now introduced a much improved opening evening and fun closing evening entertainment activity. I also have put in place a land simulator and a small table model to help explain tricks in a 3 dimensional way which doesn’t involve you being attached to a kite and having to crash a lot in the trial and error manner.  It has been a great additional tool to aid learning in between your coaching sessions on the water.  I really enjoyed developing this and hope to be able to facilitate your learning in popping, jumping, darkslides, raleys and more.

Just to give you the heads up to what is planned over the coming months.

July/August 2013: 1:1 or Group 3 hours sessions in Cumbria at short notice to fit your schedule & the wind. £50 – £150
7th – 14th September 2013:  Wild and Windy Tiree, £499
22nd – 28th September 2013:  Cornish Kitesurfing Exploration, £449
12th/13th or 19th/20th October 2013:  Pikey Park Up, Free
7th – 22nd November 2013:  Brazil Surfari and Coaching – The 1st Leg, £1,499
30th November – 14th December 2013:  Brazil Surfari and Coaching – The 2nd Leg, £1,699
10th – 24th January 2014:  Puerto Rico Kitesurfing Exploration, £1,799
23rd February – 9th March 2014:  South Africa Adventure, £1,499

All these trips currently have availability and I would be very happy to answer any questions about any of them if you are interested.  I can also send you through itineraries for them to give you further information.