Jordan Hurst goes to PKRA Junior World Champs

    After a long harsh winter, the weather started to get abit better and i was able to get some good training in Poole harbour ready for the first everpkra juniors 2013 PKRA Juniors.   Myself and my family caught a flight into Gerona airport which was about 40 minutes away from where the competittion was held in sant pere pescador.   I arrived a few days before the competition started to get some training in for the competition, but unfortunatly out of the 3 days we only had one solid windy day! It was a great vibe on the water, many kids my age from around the world were arriving and looking foward to a session!    Day 1 of the competition saw all of the riders meet at the event site for registration, After they had received the last few entries they started to draw out the first heats of the single elimination. I was drewn against Garcia from Columbia.also, I was stoked to be one of the seeded riders due to my European rank of 9th.    On day one there was also an opening ceromony, where the UK team all got together and flew the english flag high!   When the thermal wind kicked in, so did the heats. I was on my 12m and began working my way up wind for my heat. The conditions were super hard, but I won my heat due to better execution and more power in my tricks, stoaked! I then had to wait to see who I was against in my next heat. The wind ran out that day, but the next day I was ready for my heat against Vergez from France. Once again I won that heat and now found myself in the quater finals.   I was up against the 15-16 junior european champion and a favorite to win this event, Jermome Cloetens from Spain, Tarifa. It was super hard conditions, competing on 12m and 14m kites! I gave it my all but unfortunatly got knocked out in this heat. Jerome then went on to become Junior World champion along with Noe Font from spain also.    Really happy with my 5th place at the PKRA Juniors!   It was a great competition, and I learnt alot in the Pro clinics about how to compete etc with Gisela Pulido and Alvaro Onieva.    Thanks to my support from my sponsors.       visit ——