KB4girls and the BKSA push female kiters to new levels at Lancing

First ever “girls only” competition, proves to be a real success!

This year event was not only blessed with wind, sunshine and perfect conditions, but also had something very special to offer: the first ever “girls only” fun competition in cooperation with the British Kitesurfing Association (BKSA).

kb4girls group


Last year Lancing was a tour stop on the KB4girls 2010 World Tour and while the wind was disappointing, the girls were so passionately motivated and really impressed world champion Kristin Boese so much that the Southern England spot was kept on the KB4girls 2011 tour.

The first day and a half of the event started with the usual safety briefing, on-water-demonstration, simulator training as well a full day of kiting with instructions by pro-coaches Andrina Kelly, Steph Bridge and Kristin Boese.

On the evening of day 2  the participating females found themselves in a competition briefing where Kristin who explained the basics of competing, the main details of next day’s fun competition, and many more hints and tips.

After an hour warm-up on day 3, the 30 KB4girls were all in for their first ever competition and were divided into 3 fleets depending on their  rider level.

Richard Gowers (BKSA chairman) and Pete Shaw (BKSA vice chairman) took over from here and run a perfect competition in true style. The fog horn, flags, notice board, safety boat and heat charts all did not seem so intimidating anymore to the participating females after the first skippers meeting was over and a few first heats were run and the excitement just escalated.



While many of the participants impressed themselves as well as their coaches by pulling off and even landing tricks they had never even tried before it became clear very quickly that the competition format, even though a fun one with little pressure, added quite a bit of extra motivation and kick for the girls.

The girls were judging each other and cheering each other on and the whole fun competition created an amazing vibe around the event and in the group and surely this will not be the last competition of its kind.

BKSA chairman Richard Gowers commented: “Doing a competition with KB4girls has been a real eye opener and inspiration. It reminded me of the early days when competing together was great fun and there were no attitudes or egos on the beach. Well done to all the girls who turned up. I hope we see another event like this soon.”

Julie Davis, participant in the event says about her experience: “Like many other girls I was very apprehensive and did not know what to expect from the event at all, but it has been the most amazing experience and I have learned so much from it that I can now take away with me. The BKSA competition was absolutely fantastic and meeting all the girls of all different levels has just been great. Thanks so much to everyone!”


The BKSA and KB4girls team congratulate the winners competition winners:

Basic group:
1.     Louise Squires
2.    Hannah Stock
3.    Anna Orchard

Intermediate group:
1.    Becky Harris
2.    Fliss Bertram
3.    Anna Seager

Advanced group:
1.    Pauline McLaughlin
2.    Sarah Dorking
3.    Andrina Kelly    

The local support for the event proofed amazing once again and a very special thanks goes out to Andrina Kelly, Steph Bridge, Joanne Malyon, Natasha Stipp, Frazer and Jaz from the Brighton Kitesurfing Accademy, The Lancing Kitesurfing Club, The New Sussex Hotel in Lancing, Lancing Council, The Adrenaline Store, the BKSA, Mark Glendinning from Supersaturated.co.uk, Howard Kearley, Jaz Mondo and Kiteworld magazine.

The KB4girls foundation and 2011 Worldwide Tour is supported by Best Kiteboarding and DaKine.