Kite Beach Yucatan

When is the last time you took a cultural kite adventure?

Jessica Winkler has started a new kite school Kite Beach Yucatan in Progreso, Mexico. Progreso is located 3 hours north west of Cancun where you can rent a car and drive easily there while stopping at Chichen Itza (one of the 7 wonders of the new world) along the way. After visiting Chichen Itza cool off in the ik kil cenote (a cenote is a sinkhole or open cavern filled with water). There are around 6,000 cenotes scattering this area that was created by the Chicxulub creator hitting the earth some 65 million years ago which in turn left the dinosaurs extinct researchers believe. Kite Beach Yucatan is sitting only a couple of miles from the impact zone.

This 200 mile long coastline see’s up to 10 months a year of wind which coincides directly with the off season for Mexican tourists. Find yourself immersed in culture as tourists are seldom seen here other then when the cruise ship ports. Rent a villa or condo along the ocean front and kite out your back yard. Afternoon thermal winds and the frequent strong north winds give you plenty of water time as well as opportunity to explore.

Just a scenic drive from Merida is the  Puuc route. This 40 km long journey offers visitors the chance to explore Mayan cities and temples without large crowds or buskers. Along the Puuc route is the giant temple of Uxmal. This ruin is a marvel of architecture and astronomic construction surely not to be missed! In between the ruin sites visit the Cacao Ecological Center and discover why chocolate was and is still important to Mayan culture. The entire route can be enjoyed within a day so you can head back to your place in Progreso and be ready for the next days wind.

If the wind is just too good to miss there are two smaller ruins and a cenote only 10 minutes from the the beach. If you have time while you are here don’t forget to visit the Loltun caves or the “White City” Merida.

Kite Beach Yucatan is a virtually undiscovered playground for sports enthusiasts and families.

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