Kite Surf Irish Sea

The challenge is still on: July / August 2010

During Autumn 2009 we had to postpone many times and eventually cancel the 90mile kite surf crossing from Northern Ireland to Cumbria. A disappointing run of weather continued until daylight hours became yet another issue to contend with.

Whilst the excessive winds and waves were to thwart the crossing attempts, the team used the conditions extensively to train and test themselves and equipment regularly completing coastal trips of 40 plus miles in very mixed conditions.

The fantastic winter conditions have kept the riders busy and fit snow kiting around the Lake District and Pennines in what is normally a quiet time of year from a kite surfer’s perspective.

Now the team are gearing up to complete the crossing this year. We have set aside the inclusive dates of 14th-28th of July as our first window and then 7th-22nd of August in case the weather isn’t favourable during the July dates. As well as completing the adventure participants are also looking forward to honouring their commitments to all their sponsors and supporters.

Many thanks to you all.

Any publicity on the crossing would be much appreciated and or more details on any aspect of the crossing call Fraser Dooley, on 016973 71087 or 07803 264942 or

email: [email protected].

More details of the crossing including training photos, sponsors links, ‘just giving’ links and the new promotional video by WrightWalker Productions can be found at