Kite Tour Europe: Italy 7-10th of July.

After the 1st stop of the Kite Tour Europe in Germany I headed straight to southern Italy for the 2nd stop of the KTE in Lamezia. The start of the journey already turned into quite an adventure for me! After checking into my first flight I somehow managed to loose my PASSPORT! “Typical Hannah style” I was really freaking out! I had no other ID and I still had to transfer onto one more flight to get to Italy. I don’t know how, but by some miracle I managed to make it through security and onto my next flight without my passport. Couldn’t believe it, I did not think they would let me into the country! I appreciated arriving at the beach more than ever! It was a really hot and sunny with light wind. This was such a great change from Germanys challenging conditions! I was straight into my bikini and on the water. I had an awesome mini training session on my 12m kite. Got a nice double S- bend to blind straight off I was happy with! Just to be riding in bikini and board shorts again felt so good! 🙂

italy tour 2011 pic 4

The event was set up really well. There was a big swimming pool in the riders lounge, massage, indo boarding, and free Nutella Crepes, Yum! The only downside was this spot only seemed to be windy for a day! Perfect for Course Racing, but a struggle for freestyle. We could only get a few heats done each day! My first heat was again st a local Italian girl, It was really light winds, but I still managed to get all my tricks switch and regular. I advanced to the next round against Meike Erichsen from Germany, I had a good heat. I advanced and went up against the Italian Champion Alice Brunacc the heat went OK, but I didn’t feel I did my best, it was a close battle but I did not advance. So this meant I when into the semi final against Michalina Laskowska from Poland, however the wind dropped right off and was not enough to run the heat. So I got a joint 3rd place. It was a shame we didn’t get some more wind to get the comp. finished. Still really enjoyed the event, I had a great time, met loads of new people, had some awesome pizzas, pasta dishes and got some tan up! Bonus.

When the event finished I did a 4hr detour on the train to Naples to get my emergency passport! So I could fly home!! 🙂 It was cool to check out the city too!


italy tour 2011 pic 2 italy tour 2011 pic 3


italy tour 2011 pic 1