Kiteival Ayr goes off

Sept 17-19th


Sponsors – Scottish Power , South Ayrshire Council

Tour Sponsors– Flexifoil , Ion, King of Watersports, Red Bull , Deadman

The Kiteival at Ayr was the first to be held in Scotland . The BKSA have been coming to Scotland for the past 5 years holding national competitions.

Ayr is on the west coast approximately 35 miles south west of Glasgow.

The set up is amazing for running events with a tide that does not go out that far and a great grass area for the Landboard and Buggy.

The forecast was blown away – everyone expected light winds however true to form Scotland delivered the goods.


Friday saw winds in excess of 25 knots and the pros put on a great show down.

Hannah Whiteley defended her standings as the UK number one, winning once again. Meanwhile Nicky Rudd just pipped local girl Holly Kennedy to take 2nd place.

The mens round saw some great powered loops – most riders on 9 meter kites – however to everyone’s surprise Ali Barratt with a recently repaired (almost) broken hand got himself into the final using every trick he knew which did not require unhooking! A master of Old School! The final saw Ned Taylor and Luke Whiteside, both hungry to win, putting in some serious powered moves – however it was Luke who took his 1st win of the season , Ned 2nd and Ali 3rd.

The Landboarders and Buggy crew jammed all day on the friday loving the conditions – would they have any energy left for Saturday and would there be any wind?


Saturday saw great comps in all of the freestyle disciplines – outstanding with 8 Junior Kitelandboard competitors giving Greg Chilton a harder time than usual.

The Landboarders and Buggys were going huge and the crowds were loving it.

The wind blew all day to give results in all classes – the Seniors final suffered a drop in wind, however it was a wrap.

The Course racers managed 4 back to back races – however after a very late lunch the wind disappeared.

Phil and Amos from Flexifoil had a great day teaching people to fly kites all day – there were kids and adults of all ages finding out how fun it is to fly powerkites.

It was off to Cactus Jacks for the evenings entetainment – A bucking bull provided much enjoyment especially for lucky Nicky Rudd who managed to stay on for 2 minutes to win a bottle of Champagne.


Sunday dawned with bleary eyes however the racers were on the water and racing by 10:30am doing another 4 back to back races in 14 knots of wind on the course. There was some close racing however it was the battle for 3rd and 4th between Denzil and Lee which saw the result decided after looking in the rule book as they had exactly the same points – the win was awarded to Denzil.

There was not enough to run any more Freestyle Kitesurfing however most of the competitors had a go on the land jam – Ned Taylor winning move of the day – and the King of Watersports prize of a Sector 9 longboard with a back roll on a buggy. Not bad for his first go!

Prize giving was completed at 2pm in the marquee by local dignitary Provost Winfred D Sloan who enjoyed the event so much she invited us all back next year.

Many thanks to all of our sponsors and the race crew who made the event happen.

Photo Gallery

BKSA Kiteival – Ayr, Scotland, 2010 – Images by Craig Sawyer


Full Results

Junior Landboard
1-Greg Chilton
2-Jack Daykin
3-Robbie Shire-Maidement

Mens Landboard
1-Jack Elston
2-Steve Smith
3-Ash Garwood

Mens Buggy
1-Craig Sparkes
2-Dave Robert
3-Will McKean

Open Race
1-Steph Bridge
2-Callum Edge
3-Denzil Williams

Freestyle Kitesurfing

1-Tom Bridge
2-Callum Asquith
3-Guy Bridge

1-Olly Bridge
2-Jack Daykin
3-Sam Bull

Am Ladies
1-Polly Crathorne
2-Chloe Durrant
3-Danielle Durrant

Am Men
1-Grant Clayton
2-Andrew James
3-Pete Jones

1-Pete Whiteley
2-Kevin Mattey
3-Gary Powell

Pro Ladies
1-Hannah Whiteley
2-Nicky Rudd
3-Holly Kennedy

Pro Mens
1-Luke Whiteside
2-Ned Taylor
3-Ali Barratt