KiteRight the UK’s first and only kite sports dedicated charity will be training the UK’s first ever paraplegic BKSA recognised powerkite instructors on 24 and 25th October in Poole in Dorset.


The KiteRight Charity was established in April 2012 by Gary Hawkins a senior nurse in the NHS working with people with a Learning Disability. The aim of the charity is to use all forms of kite sports to benefit those people with physical, mental health or learning challenges in two ways:


Firstly encouraging access to ALL kite sports for individuals of all ages who have physical, mental health or learning challenges.  Promoting acceptance, integration, involvement and a sense of self worth and achievement.  KiteRight will also encourage these individuals where possible to leave a lasting legacy for others but becoming instructors in their own right.


KiteRight will also be involved in and commission clinical research projects to show how kite sports can make a measurable difference to peoples lives and to explore to see if kite sports can be made into a recognised therapy.


On 24th and 25th October 2012 in conjunction with the BKSA (British Kitesports Association) and local School Easyriders we will be running our first powerkite instructor course. On this course will be two individuals who are paraplegic and one participant who has PTSD. This is our first step in proving that people with physical disabilities, mental health issues or learning disabilities can integrate into an extreme sport.


Over the coming 12 months we will explore how these individuals can become kitesurf instructors and also open not for profit schools around the UK on behalf of the KiteRight charity. Maybe we can have kitesurfing in the Paralympics in years to come with Team GB leading the way … ?


The two paraplegics on the course and part of the charity are:


Sean Rose broke his back in a freak Ski accident back in Feb 2000. Since then he’s realised his dreams, surpassed expectations and enjoyed his new life as a wheelie….World Champion Water Skier, World Cup Gold Downhill Skier, Winter XGames medalist, Double Paralympian


Jenny Ridley broke her neck and back when she was young and was initially paralysed from the next down. After 2 years 7 months in hospital she regained her breathing and use of one hands and recovery started. Jenny now works as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Specializing in Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Corrective Movement Specialist and Specialist of Physical Activity for Children with behavioral problems