Kitesurf Madagascaar

I would like to introduce you a great KITESPOT in MADAGASCAR where constant and stable winds (on-shore, 20 – 40 knots) blow every day from March to October. Where you can have a immense area for kitesurfing with flat, blue, warm water and incredible waves. Where the nature is unique and daily temperatures range between 28-38 degrees.

madagascar kitespot

The spot

Located in the north of Madagascar at the Emerald Sea (Mer d’Emeraude) the lagoon is surrounded by a reef from the Indian Ocean. Separated from the Bay of Diego Suarez, by the Babaomby peninsula, the Emerald Sea lagoon is an incredible playground for kitesurfing.

With a length of 12km and a width of 3km, the waters are great for free-riding and endless down-winders. You can explore the lagoon, passing near the villages of fishermen, or chose to surf breathtaking reef waves.

There is virtually no boat traffic except for the occasional local fishing vessel. The Emerald Sea offers an unlimited kitesurfing expanse which is perfect for all levels of riders. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced kite surfers can enjoy their own perfect playground without any of the crowds that are typically found in many other destinations.

How the wind works:

The wind is a powerful trade wind, blowing from 20 to 40 knots beginning in March and lasting until the end of October. Most important of all, we have near 100% consistency of more than 20 knots from April to mid of October, so you won’t have to sit around and wait for the wind!

For Our Guests

You need not worry about leaving your gear on the beach while you ride. Your kite gear can be stored at night for safe keeping. Our large beach is perfect for launching/landing your kite and there is always someone on hand to assist you with either one.

Beginner Lessons and refreshers are available with experienced instructor staff. New Takoon kites and Shinn boards are available for rent and lessons.

If you would like to take a break from Kitesurfing, we have plenty of other adventures available. Fishing, ATV adventures, Jeep tours, Humpback whale watching and guided “Bush” adventures.

We also have access to guides who specialize in 3-4 day adventures to National Parks around Northern Madagascar, Nosy Bee, and the Mozambique Channel.

Unique climate, nature, and animals only found in Madagascar surround our Kite destination. Don’t be surprised if one of our local lemurs decide to join you for and after hours cocktail.


The Kite Hotel/Lodge and Kite School are located at one of the beaches of the Emerald Sea. Our guests enjoy the privacy of their own beachside cabanas, with hot water and private bathrooms, surrounded by a large veranda. You can literally jump out of bed, straightaway on your board and ride as long as you please. Our local chef will spoil you with native and fresh meals. This is unquestionably the perfect place for Kite holidays, club trips or kite clinics.

The destination in unlike anything you will ever experience on any other kite trip. World-class wind, undisturbed waters, and amazing surroundings will leave you with life-long memories. I sincerely would like to invite you to O’Meraude and experience kitesurfing at its best!

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Greetings from windy and sunny Madagascar



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