Kitesurfing holidays – for Kitechix only!


Kitechix is a kitesurf holiday for girls who want to learn kitesurfing and for those who want to improve their tricks and techniques by means of clinics, given by kitesurf professionals.

Many girls already kite, but we, kitechix of Windtown Kitesurf Hotels, want to see even more!  That’s why we started the Kitechix events in 2002.  Imagine: a group of like-minded, sporty girls, staying at the beach together for a few days. After breakfast you go and check the wind, decide what size kite you will use, lie out your lines, inflate your kite, launch… and kite for hours with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face … in your bikini!

If this appeals to you, then Kitechix is the perfect holiday for you.

This year Kitechix is organising two holidays in Cumbuco, Brazil: from December 10 to 14 and 12-16 February.   Cumbuco, a small village just an hour away from Fortaleza, is a paradise for beginners and advanced kite surfers. This is because there is the possibility to kite on flat water (lagoon) and waves (sea). Besides that, it’s sunny every day and the wind is reliable. The perfect conditions!

You’ll stay for 32 Euro a night in the trendy Windtown Beach Hotel, located directly on the beach. Your room, which you share with up to 2 other Kitechix, has ocean views, a private bathroom with a hot shower, a comfortable bed and a veranda with a hammock. The package includes breakfast, downwinders, trips, clinics, information nights, a visit to Fortaleza … and of course you will get an original Windtown Kitechix T-shirt!

Please contact us: [email protected] for more information and if you book before the end of July, you can still make use of our spring promotion, and get 10% off your reservation.