November 2020 Lockdown

Kitesurfing in Cornwall

We have had reports of a few incidents of kitesurfers not abiding by local byelaws and restrictions that are in place at two of the popular kiting spots in Cornwall.

These restrictions are the result of close cooperation with the Harbour masters concerned and flouting these byelaws could result in an outright ban on kitesurfing in these fantastic spots.

Please don’t be the one who ruins access for everyone.

Before venturing out at any new spot in Cornwall or indeed anywhere if you don’t know the local rules it is your responsibility to find out if there are any in place, in law ignorance is no defence.
Local clubs are a good source of information so please get in touch, you never know they might even give you good advice on the best spot for each set of conditions and improve your session!

The two areas that have prompted this post are Daymmer Bay/Hawkers Cove and the Bluff at Hayle.

Daymmer Bay/Hawkers Cove

Restrictions from 1st July to 31st August inclusive. There is no Kitesurfing between 10am and 6pm
Peter Stephens of kKitesurfKit who is a leading member of the Kernow Kitesurf Club has a handy detailed guide for Daymer Bay HERE and Hawkers Cove HERE

The Bluff

Kiting at the bluff requires a pass and current BKSA membership or other valid 3rd party liability, at all times 365 days a year.
Due to the tidal race at certain tide states, to kite here you have to be able to confidently ride upwind and be able to relaunch your kite, no teaching is allowed. These rules were negotiated with the Harbour to allow kitesurfing back at the Bluff after an outright ban was enforced due to an incident with a fishing boat. It took years of persuasion to lift this ban, and we through the local BKSA club have a good relationship with the current Harbour Master.
It is vital that we keep our reputation as responsible water users to maintain access to this spot for full details and how to get a pass CLICK HERE