Kitetracker App and the Swiss App Awards 2013:

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What is KiteTracker?

KiteTracker is a new and worldwide active Live GPS tracking and competition project made by Kiters for Kiters. The idea behind it was to be able to track other kiters live through their sessions – no matter if they are kiting on snow, water, land or even non kite related sports like sailing, paragliding, biking, hiking etc. We wanted to connect all kiter, windsport addicts and outdoor lovers on one platform. Your session gets recorded on a commom smartphone with a GPS signal and the newly designed KiteTracker App that can be downloaded for free from the App store. Right now it only works on Iphone but an Android version will be available in February. The Kitetracker App just won the „People’s Choice Award“ at the Swiss App Awards 2013!

Great success for the kitesport!


Here our vid for the contest:
Some photos of the award attached… (and yes she was Miss Switzerland 😉

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