Kiteworld # 41


For a year or so, when the bridled kite revolution was kicking in, there
were a few questionable design directions and styles on the loose, but
on the whole, they did make the learning experience easier. Now it seems
brands have really been able to put their fingers on what a kite should
be able to do and to make it behave accordingly in order to push this
sport forward. More and more often it seems like it’s supposed to do
everything for everyone.

Kiteworld went to Mauritius for the F-One dealer meeting recently to try
out the new Bandit Three kite. It’s got so much C shape to it that you’d
think we’d moved backwards, not forwards. A world away from traditional
C kites it is though, with astounding all-round performance, handling,
wind range and ease-of-use. Many manufacturers’ offerings this year will
be the same, and won’t it be fantastic when we all need just one kite
for all conditions and riding styles. Simplicity has been lacking for a
long time.

The pressure is on more and more for manufacturers to meet production
deadlines and get these kites out into a market already flooded with
good equipment.

So how do you make your product stand out? You make your team riders
work for their living and get a shit hot snapper and film team to take
sizzling images of them shredding their heads off on the gear.

Sexy action images sell. This issue we let the seduction begin.

We’ve also got our second major interview with Martin Vari on his return
to the industry, this time pulling the strings behind the scenes as the
namesake of Vari kites.

Think the property market is fingered? Not in La Ventana, Baja it’s not.
In our Getting Shacked series looking at warm, windy places to set up
camp, this issue we look at a property that two kiters have developed in
this kiting hotspot for a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere.

We teach you the keywords that will help you learn your next trick, we
divulge the secrets to the front roll to toe-side, the front
roll-to-blind and the Hasselhoff in the Motor Drive Project and on test
are the: Vari Condor One 9m, JN Mr Fantastic 10m, Gin Nazca 2 15m, Ozone
Instinct Light XC 8m, F-One Revolt 9m, Wainman Blunt 135, Flysurfer
Flydoor Medium as well as a depowerable pulley bar from Southwind.

We also remember one the best shapers that the industry has ever had,
Colin McCulloch – a man with a real love for the water who always wore
his heart on his sleeve. He will be sadly missed. Those who worked
closely with him and knew him best share some of their best memories of
the man behind Lost Cause and most of the Airush board range over the
last six years.

Jim Gaunt
Editor Kiteworld Magazine

Kiteworld TV