Kiteworld # 50

Kiteworld Magazine was started by Hugh Miller in 2001 to reflect what was happening in kitesurfing at the time. There was a need for an independent international magazine to help establish the fact that kitesurfing was a sport in its own right, not an extension of the windsurfing industry. 49 issues on and kiting has boomed across the world, but we’re still just trying to make sure we portray the true essence of the sport as we see it. No hype necessary – this is kitesurfing; just the word alone makes hearts race with excitement and anticipation.

In issue #50 we talk to those that started kitesurfing as early as 1995, those that took part during the early conversations of how the sport could progress, those that saw the potential early on, dared to dream and stuck to their guns to help transform their early hair-raising sessions into the amazing, diverse thrill that it is today for riders of all ages.

Expect images and highlights from the last decade in the sport from our favourite photographers, anecdotes from the legends and tales from the top.

Plus all your favourite regulars, just glammed up slightly for the half century party

Kiteworld Magazine