Kiteworld # 51

New school freestyle is really starting to take shape. The race for the
next move has slowed and been replaced with a journey towards incredibly
stylish, but still technical, moves. We set top freestyle photographer,
Ydwer and ace move-maker Bas Koole, the task of capturing the art of
freestyle at its best. Their results from freestyle heaven in Brazil are

Surely it’s everyone’s dream to build a home to their own specifications
right in front of their favourite break. We go back to the building site
with Bertrand Fleury and Tuva Jansen who’ve set up home right in front
of “the longest kiting break” they’ve ever seen.

Ever wondered how a kite is made, how long it takes to construct each
individual kite, how many people it takes, how much material is used and
why they are put together in such a way? We get a tour around North’s
kite factory in Sri Lanka and reveal all.

There have been some epic Sessions around the world the last few months,
and we have the full glorious image details from Hawaii, Norway,
Ireland, the Alps and more.

Issue #51 will feature many more gear reviews from Cape Town, plus a
handful more that we put the boots and hoods back on for last month in
the UK, including gear from Cabrinha, Ozone, North, Best, CrazyFly,
Blade, Shinn and more!

All that plus the usual columns, favourites, technique, news, travel and
we reveal the secret behind holding onto that pee in your wettie!