Kiteworld Issue # 48


The Kiteworld team are usually very proud of the standard of photography
that they feature in the magazine. Always working hard to present the
sport’s top photographers in the best format possible, issue #48 is
really special in terms of optical delights.

Reo Stevens, John Amundson and photographer Stephan Fournet discovered a
cracking spot in the Indian Ocean and returned with some spell binding
shots. Globe trotting freerider and ex-World Cup rider Gabi Steindl
loves nothing more than finding insane kiteboarding in the most remote
places. Her report from Papua New Guinea will inspire, while the shots
from Jason Pini will send a shot down your spine. On top of all that
galleries from Ozone’s Australia shoot will make you dream of going and
Kiteworld also catch up with Aaron Hadlow to see what he’s been up to
and what’s new with the Hadlow Pro brand.

The test team have also managed to get their mucky testing mitts on some
more brand new 2011 gear. This issue they feature North’s consistent
performers, the Rebel and Vegas kites, Naish’s Bolt and the infamous
Torch. The team also reveal more surfboard offerings from all brands in
their annual surfboard guide.

As well as keeping you abreast with all the most important tour updates
and conclusions, world news, views, comment and gossip, Ian Alldredge
spills the secrets on one of the most incredible back hand top turns and
Tom Courts gets you used to your first sessions at attempting to ride

All that plus much more shmutter than we have space for here!

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