Issue 57 will be like a giant kitesurfer vacuum, sucking riders in from around the world with its delectable content. Jason Wolcott’s front cover of Keahi de Aboitiz certainly sucks you in to his surfing world. Kiting has stacks of X-appeal, gaining an increasing amount of credibility among wakeboarders and surfers who are now starting to see the benefits that kiting can have on their riding. We start to assess that this issue and continue in issue #58.

Wake-style guru and five time World Champion, Aaron Hadlow, was all set for a dramatic comeback to the world tour this year, meaning there would have been four past world champions all competing in the popular new PKRA format. Unfortunately he suffered a nasty knee injury in February which means this isn’t possible. He’s hoping to make his comeback dream a reality in 2013, but for now hobbled into the office to give his thoughts on what’s to come and what he’s been up to since dropping off the tour a couple of years ago.

Christian Black visited the Philippines with Susi Mai and returned with some stunning images and tales. Sri Lanka is the new hot spot on everyone’s lips as the next up and coming destination. Anny Barlow squeezes onto an overflowing train for 24 hours in her efforts to find out more for you.

In other areas of the mag, Peter and Jordi, the kite design team at Best, break down some kite terminology and discuss the skeleton of a kite and performance differences for each rider. We deliver ride guides on Tiree, have a look at the secrets of big air with Dimitri Maramenides and Mark Shinn delivers more tips on light wind riding technique.

On test this issue is a veritable feast of offerings, as we wrap up our epic test sessions out in South Africa. There is something for everyone, featuring: KITES: Best TS, Blade Trigger, Cabrinha Nomad, Gin Guru, Hadlow ID, Liquid Force Envy, Ozone Edge, Starkites Taina and Takoon Reflex. TWIN-TIPS: Airush FS Team, Cabrinha Caliber, Liquid Force Influence, Nobile T5, North Jaime, Shinn Dundee, Shinn Street, Xenon LaLuz, Xenon Infra and Underground SRF wave twin. SURF: Airush Compact, Wainman Passport and Underground Kipuna.

All that plus our annual wetsuit buyers’ guide, so stand by for a heavy thud coming through your letterbox in May!

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