Quite literally the biggest event that kiteboarding has ever seen took place in early February. The Red Bull King of the Air was staged at Big Bay, Cape Town in perfect conditions for showing the big air and extreme side of the sport off to thousands of people over the six hour competition period. KW editor Jim had the privileged position of being involved in the Red Bull committee for the event and as a judge. Kiteworld were the only mag there, so this issue is really a special commemorative issue, documenting all the behind-the-scenes action, intrigue and blow-by-blow descriptions.

After an eight year hiatus, the event saw the sport’s biggest names in going huge and bringing an element of extreme risk to their manoeuvres assembled and Robby Naish was even flown in to over see the event. We spent the morning with him a couple of days after the event and got his take on all things kitesurfing, presented in his own special feature this issue. Always an ambassador for big air, he told the riders at the opening ceremony that he had to come to witness what would probably be the most important event in kiteboarding’s recent history. He was bang on as the world’s most fearless riders let loose in huge winds with big ramps and waves with one rider emerging as the current most extreme and fearless rider on the day. We of course also have an interview with the one and only King of the Air, Jesse Richman.

Elsewhere, Hadlow, Court, Boulding and Light – the UK Crew from The Freeride Project – explain some of the key skills they still use when dropping their most stylish tricks – skills that you’re trying to figure out in the tricks you’re currently learning. In other words, we unravel the freestyle trick web right in front of your eyes and show you wa ys that a few elements can link all tricks up, whatever you’re trying to learn.

Oh and if that’s not enough, the test team have been thrashing the latest gear around in Cape Town too, so expect in-depth analysis and reports on these:

Cabrinha Drifter, Ozone Reo, Airush Wave, RRD Religion and Best Cab o
Blade Trigger, F-One Bandit 6, CrazyFly Sculp, North Neo, Slingshot RPM, Wainman Gypsy 6.5m
Nobile 50Fifty, Shinn SuperShinn, Xenon Infra

Including our nifty new little score rating system for each product, making it even easier for you to find your perfect item of choice!
Issue #62 will is out early March.
Rest your eyes now, they’ll be getting a good work out soon!

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