Kiteworld New Issue

Summer may be over in the northern hemisphere, but the fun is really only just starting. The autumn Kiteworld Front coverwinds (and rain) are here. We’ll be wrapping you up with our wetsuit guide and drysuit test. Yep, they’re not only the chosen regalia of dinghy sailors – drysuits have been to the clinic and had a make-over! We’ll be lifting the skins on three of the latest slick rubber looks.
The snow is starting to think about make an appearance in the many vast snowkite-friendly mountain ranges around Europe and we’ll be arming you with essential information in the first of our three part snowkite guide.

Our aim is to build your knowledge of this smaller faction but massively addictive area of kiting with technique articles, weather info, details of the best spots, equipment and generally dishing out an appreciation for all riders making a plight in the white.  The November issue is traditionally the home of our annual gear guide and ’09 is looking pretty special. We have techno babble and pretty pictures from all the major players and more, in this the first of a two part series.  You screamed for more technique; you got it. You chased us down an alley and roughed us up for a surfboard test; you got it and you tortured us with images of your sunken eyes, grown tired from a lack of hardcore images from all other sources with which to give them the workout they need…well, like Vision Express we leap to the rescue with a veritable surgery full of corrective procedures for your lens balls.  All this and more (including a cunning Christmas gift guide that you can cunningly leave lying around the house) will be shoe-horned into issue #36, out now.