KSP Fundraiser

During the past two events in Mauritius and Peru the KSP has been working very hard to bring live images, commentary and scoring to viewers at home across the world.

Broadcasting the events live over the internet is one of the main objectives of the KSP tour and a huge step forward for the sport of kite surfing, since it allows viewers to follow all the action, drama and excitement live as it unfolds. Play by play action with insightful commentary and technical analysis from some of the sport’s most respected riders and personalities deliver a real experience for the spectators at home.

Working in remote locations with poor Internet connection has presented many challenges for the KSP and it’s ability to deliver reliable and high quality streams. However, even when feed problems occurred, viewers of the live webcast have been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging and the support and feedback has been incredible.

Viewers have asked time and again what they can possibly do to help the KSP improve the quality of the live stream as they are longing to watch the action packed events uninterrupted. Being grateful for all the support coming in the KSP has reacted and created a fundraising page.

If you would like to help the KSP to stream in satellite quality from their next event on Cape Verde please follow the link below to be directed to the live stream fund raising page: http://www.indiegogo.com/KSP-live-cast-fundraiser

To learn more about the KSP live webcasting and scoring systems, please also check out the “behind the scenes” clip by clicking the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlhJT8dydXg

The goal of the “KSP livecast fundraiser” is to reach $10000 USD by December 2nd to cover for the satellite device and upload rate and to deliver the highest possible level of streaming quality to viewers at home.