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Lancing Kitesurfing Club – Racing Events 2019

Lancing Kitesurfing Club are leading the way with a summer weekly race series (4 – 6 weeks in July / August), primarily for foiling, but with some allowance for other kite craft as a feeder route to inspire new racers.

Supported and insured by the BKSA, we hope to see more clubs inspired by the rising tide of foiling and upcoming Olympic exposure to take similar initiative. Please get in touch for more information on how to make it happen by emailing:

Progression Sport’s Rob Claisse has taken on the impetus to get this going at Lancing and says, “For me this is a pure replication of my windsurfing days – I only started racing because of Felpham sailing club and Mark Patterson leading all the local windsurfers in Wednesday night racing. Our sailing club produced 3 national youth champions, multiple master and ladies national champions, an amateur national champ and even one Olympic campaign. I don’t think many of us would have got that far without the support of that local scene.”