Lewis Crathern Kitesurfer – December Update

Happy New Year Everyone, December was epic for me, loads of kiting and plenty of events off the water to. I am out in Capetown South Africa and on the first day I got out, saw some seals and felt great….
Huets Van Conversion

My van is all finished from its conversion by Huets Car Audio. I have mentioned before how important my van is in my life but now I’ll be using it even more with this latest job. Not only is it great to travel around with  but it can be transformed into a mobile office, bedroom or kitchen at any time! Coaching sessions are made that extra bit special as clients can come and have a tea and coffee whilst we discuss the lesson. Once I’m back from Cape Town I’m planning a big drive round Europe I can’t wait. Thanks to Huets for all there hard work and if your in need of a job in your van these guys are really opened minded and come up with some brilliant ideas, take my storage for example measured perfectly around my boards which fit down the side, and all my kite gear that fits under the seat.
Lastly I would like to thank Leigh at Evolution Kiteshop for a one off job covering my seats.

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Shoreham College

Earlier in December I went to Shoreham College to perform an ‘Eco Style Assembly’ for the students. The presentation went down great, I changed it up a bit from the last ones with some new material with my new gear & I also brought in all my new stuff. I’ve attached 2 images, one is an angle that I don’t usually get which is looking out at the students. It shows how it feels when they are all looking at you, but luckily I enjoy that feeling and it doesn’t put me off! Each School or College I visit is very different and Shoreham College was up there with one of the most unique looking schools I’ve been to. Take a look at the other shot I included in one of the rooms I was shown by Andrew.


Lancing Kitesurfing Club & Lewis Crathern show support for the RNLI –  (Text below from report sent to papers….)

Lancing Kitesurfing Club and local professional Lewis Crathern have come together to show support for the RNLI. The club introduced interactive coaching sessions to members with local pro kitesurfer Lewis Crathern where a percentage of each clinic is donated to the RNLI.
“I am really grateful for the opportunity to work with kitesurfers at Lancing Kitesurfing Club. Lancing beach was where I first learnt to kitesurf, and with the help of the club and council it has become one of the safest and most well known Kitesurfing clubs in the country.”
“I think it is great that through these clinics we can show some support for the RNLI who are always looking out for us on the sea”
“The clinics are brilliant we all have a tea and coffee in my van, then its straight out to sea where the emphasis on riding together and having fun. I am able to offer tips and demo’s whilst on the water with the members and its great they are really pushing themselves!”
Jez Slack chairman of Lancing Kitesurfing Club commented:

“We are delighted to have Lewis providing clinics on the beach at Lancing; Lewis’s donation to the RNLI demonstrates both his and Lancing Kitesurfing Clubs commitment to a safe environment for kitesurfers and all beach users and we are committed to working with Lewis and his team at Best Kiteboarding in 2013 to continually improve the skill level of kiters through his clinics and safety briefings.”


Inspirational Talk to Snow Camp Group With BEST Kiteboarding UK

One of the most interesting talks I have done so far took place in Hemel Hempstead Indoor snow park in December. I’m sure some of you will be thinking why would I be anywhere near the snow but there is a good reason. I met Dan from Snow Camp during one of my kitesurfing clinics in Lancing this year and he mentioned that part of his work at Snow Camp is about getting young people into the sport. From there they can even go onto becoming an Instructor or  ambassador. Each week they bring in a professional sportsman to take a motivational talk to the group- Thats where I come in…
Some of the key messages I tried to get across were what you can achieve in life if you set your mind to it and the various skills you can pick up if you take the opportunities in front of you. After the talk I went snowboarding with the group which was amazing. BEST Kiteboarding UK helped to organise this day so big thanks to them, it was great to have their support and UK Best Rep Frazer with me all day.
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I am proud to announce my new Sponsor ICENI Water! Iceni Water comes from an entirely sustainable source deep beneath the South Cambridgeshire countryside. It is bottled in 100% recyclable plastic bottles at source in Duxford. I’m so happy to promote the importance of drinking water as it is such a simple concept often overlooked. I love the eco credentials associated with the brand and I think a water sponsorship is the perfect fit for me. ICENI are also supporting my schools program and I will be delivering the importance of keeping hydrated during my talks.



Invite to Redbull King Of The Air

In my inbox the other day came an Invite to the Redbull King Of The Air Event which will take place this year in Capetown. This will be one of my biggest events of the year as I love kiting in strong wind and think I have a good chance. The Redbull King Of The Air event used to be one of the major events on the kiteboarding calendar before a 6 year break. I remember watching the videos as I learnt to kitesurf thinking how badly I wanted to be there and now I finally get a chance as the event is back on.


Presenting The Kiteshow

First aired on Christmas Eve was the latest Episode of the KiteShow. The show is gaining quite a following and a feature on it is really sort after so you can imagine how happy I was when Jim asked me to co-present with him. I love to present and the more I do it the more I seem to learn. A pub in Brighton was to be the setting which looked very christmasy with open fire etc.You can watch here http://vimeo.com/56215734



Kitesurfing Clinics Upcoming

‘Capetown Clinics with Lew’ starts this week keep up to date on my Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/LewisCrathernKitesurf) or be part of a really exciting International clinic with BEST Kiteboarding & KiteWorldWide.com.


Have a great 2013, Lew