Lewis Crathern’s December update

Lewis December 1Another month, another update from the Brit who never stops! Read on for Lewis’s latest news…

“The conditions at home in Worthing were superb during December. It was lovely to reconnect with the ocean on my lewintro.1local beaches and spend some more time with the community. Here’s my latest from the month of December…”


Herne Bay Junior School visit

Lewis December 2For the 3rd year in a row I drove over to Herne Bay Kent to visit the children of Herne Bay Junior School. I spoke to them about looking after the environment and how Green Energy is really important. Herne Bay is home to one of the largest offshore Wind Farms in the UK so the children are very wised up when it comes to clean energy.

After the talk we headed out to the field where conditions were perfect to fly my 9m Best GP where I could show the kids some action. This photo here shows my last slide of the presentation, it really drives home the message of keeping the World Happy!


Hove Park School

Lewis December 3My second school visit of the month took me to Hove Park School. It was the first time I have been there and I was blown away by hoveparkhow well they received me. I had my own private space marked out next to the Head Teacher and everything! The students were in High School so I themed my talk on my journey since School to where I am now. I love to talk about how many possibilities there are in terms of your career choices and how its ok to be unsure what it is you really want to do. Just stay passionate with something and it could well become something you do for a living.


Kiting at home

lewis-december-4December saw some amazing conditions in my hometown. Worthing is fast becoming one of the best places to Kitesurf in the country and the run up to Christmas is always my favourite. I never like to leave for winter before January as 1) I love Christmas with my Family and 2) The Kiting at this time is my favourite. It’s so good that I don’t thinkwave twice on riding a 4 mile downwinder from the local Kite Spot to my Parents place. When one wave finishes another begins and you just can’t stop. Here’s one of my favourite shots of the year (thanks Ant!) I feel that trying to become the same height as the kite is the ultimate feeling when riding Wake Style.


Hunstanton clinic

lewis-december-5Even though the temperatures were declining, I performed a Clinic with the keen kitesurfers of Hunstanton.hunstanton2 I love the community up there, its no short distance (3.5 Hours each way for the day) but the kitesurfers are so positive and I always have a great time. This was the first clinic which I could go all out interactive. Filming the guys with the GoPro Camera and then reviewing the footage after on the new screen in my van. It really makes a difference when explaining what they are doing right (and wrong!) Thanks CBK Hunstanton for helping me arrange can’t wait to see you guys in Spring.


Lewis December 6

Kitesurf Magazine NL article

In the latest Issue Kitesurf Magazine.nl featured an article with me on all the things I get up to over the year. Thank you Simone for spending a lot of time with me, getting to know me and producing a great piece. It’s not always I get to talk to Editors in the back of the van over a tea and in this case this fittingly happened in Holland over one of the KTE Events.

That’s my latest, right now I’m in Cape Town for the Winter- It’s going great I’ll tell you all about it in the next update. Lew