Lewis Crathern’s February update

Lew's new do

Lew’s new do

“Another season is behind me in Cape Town and I wonder if it was the best one yet. More then ever I feel a great connection to the place and always when I get home I can’t believe how many good things have happened. Here you are February’s update, and yes I had a hair cut 🙂 “

lewis_heroCape Town Clinics Continue….

Coaching in SA

Coaching in SA

During February I stepped up the amount of coaching I could offer and by the end of the season there had been 8 clinics! 1 a week, which was my goal. Thank you to everybody that joined me, we had some great days together both in Langebaan and out the front of Table View. This year I introduced a really unique style of clinic which involved capturing shots of the student(s) via the kite and also the kite lines. It’s not easy getting shots of yourself in action on the water so this really went down well. Stay tuned for further clinics where ever I am in the world via my Facebook Page.

I’d like to thank High Five Kite School and Best Kiteboarding Africa who let me use there facilities whilst running clinics.

RedBull King Of The Air – Competing

Last year I had a career worst result at the King Of The Air. It was devastating and took me a long time to get over. It also meant that I needed to prequalify for the main event this year via an online video process….thankfully I made it through a large selection of videos but it was a very stressful time. The King Of The Air is the event I live for, it’s all about going big and thats my favourite part of the sport. This year I set my goal to be top 10 which means you automatically qualify for the next year. I rode well early on and made it to the quarter finals where I struggled in the lighter wind. All in all I finished 9th which I’m not to upset about but I really believe I can be top 5.

It was a super event, and RedBull really put a lot of effort in to give us a platform where we can push the sport. I’m very grateful to be part of it and to ride with the best riders in the world.

RedBull King Of The Air – Commentating

I felt it was necessary to separate my update from the competing to the commentary as they are such different things. I do both at the same time at the King Of The Air and I’m often asked how I manage it. Well I go into a different place when I’m commentating, I simply love talking about the sport and with so many

KOA boosting

KOA boosting

spectators coming to watch I get to connect with them all day.

This year’s event was much bigger on all levels for example a grandstand for 500 people was added so interacting with the crowd became even more exciting. I was able to put on a live demo right in front of them whilst talking away hooked into my kite!

Because I’m enjoying this connection with the audience I feel great, and that in turn helps me ride well when my heat is on. One part that I used to struggle with was when I had a bad heat. Imagine your really not happy about your performance on the water, but you must get back on the mic and sound really motivated! I’ve learned now to separate my emotions from the water to the mic 🙂

Lew’s World Tour Vietnam Video

Lew's World Tour - Vietnam

Lew’s World Tour – Vietnam

Episode 3 features my amazing trip to Mũi Né – Vietnam just before Christmas. I had so much fun over there and met some incredible people. Throughout the video you can see what I got up to and just how good the kitesurfing conditions are. I need more then just the sport of Kitesurfing in my life to keep me going, and during this episode I enjoy sharing that side of my life with you. Click here to watch.

Other News….

Thanks Camrig for the new Kite Mount. I’ve been using it a lot and am getting shots like this one above. What a belter!

I’m off to Morocco very soon to compete at the first stop of the PKRA World Tour. I’ll tell you all about it next month.

Enjoy this behind the scenes video from my team mate Noe Font – “Team Mates” is becoming really successful, cut really raw and how it is you couldn’t get closer to the Best Team if you tried.

Speak soon, all the best,