Lewis Crathern’s March update

82646fe4-265c-491c-baf4-ac997bdcd0bd“March was action packed, in the UK and overseas. Starting with the Student Nationals and finishing in Morocco. The all new ‘Virgin Kitesurfing World Championships’ has kicked off and it’s really exciting times for the sport! Enjoy my latest news from March…..”

Student Nationals Westward Ho

61d1358d-bd63-4c0d-bf2e-2a596b1b5370The Student Nationals took place in early March down in Westward Ho/ Devon. Last year I couldn’t make the event but this year turned out to be perfect timing to attend. Westward Ho on the west coast is a 4 and a half hour drive for me and it’s always special to head over to the Atlantic. These guys really now how to put on an event and the turn out just blew me away. There must of been over 50 people registered for the weekend competition! It was also great to have support from BEST – my kitesurfing sponsor who amongst others put up some great prizes. I had a great time, got involved with a bit of commentating and performed the prize giving, thanks for having me!

I’d also like to thank Volvo UK for providing the event vehicle.

Virgin Kitesurfing World Championships

So it has began the whole new makeover of the World Tour, now the ‘Virgin Kitesurfing World Championships’. So much is changing and kitesurfing is really about to hit the mainstream big time. Even more incredibly Big Air is back, and part of the world tour. It has got me eager to compete even more, so I headed out to Morocco for the first event of the season. It felt great to focus all my knowledge on my gear set up to try and get those extra few meters. At Present the RedBull King Of The Air was the only one off event held every year but now there is a full tour to attend and I’m determined to be Big Air World Champion.

It was the first time I’ve been to Morocco and the resort of Dakhla was breath taking. It is the ideal place to learn or improve.The Dakhla Attitude set up really impressed me and I’ll be back for sure.

I finished 5th in the Big Air out of 54 competitors.  I’m ok with the result but really I know I have what it takes to finish on the podium each time.

VKWC Commentating

d572bc9c-d60f-4502-b60f-6ee25a2fe288As well as competing I had other reasons to attend the first stop in Morocco. As you know at events I love to split my energy between riding  and reporting but I wanted to witness first hand the changes to the tour and how it would effect all the disciplines. Live Stream is not ready yet but there was opportunities for me to commentate for a Moroccan broadcast which I relished. I am really behind the new tour and I believe in the vision of the organisers and sponsors. Freestyle for example, is so much easier to explain and film, now that the riders have a smaller area to perform there tricks. It feels great to be part of this change and to have been at this first event. I am extremely excited to see it all develop further and to play my part reporting the events to the world.

Lew’s World Tour Cape Town

Episode 4 is out, and it covers my times in Cape Town, my second home. Click here to watch.

I have spent over 8 seasons there and I can’t see myself anywhere else during Winter. I love to share my experience with other kiteboarders and I’ll show you how I do that via my Kitesurfing Clinics. The kiteboarding conditions are incredible but there is so much more to Cape Town and that is why people keep going back year after year. The World’s biggest Kiteboarding Competition also takes place where I’ll bring you some behind the scenes and action from the event.

This Episode’s SeshTip is a reminder to tighten those foot straps. Loose foot straps = bad ride.

Thanks to High Five Kite School, Best Africa, Carluccis and CapeTown Guru.

Other News….

a677db40-6884-411c-9965-c78802c03897The image above is a screen grab from an in depth article I wrote for The Kite Mag explaining the incredible ‘WOO Sports Device’. You can see that in Issue #3.

Those keen to see more from the Virgin Kitesurfing World Championships take a look at this video https://youtu.be/XTkhIfwCVdc

Also in the media this month keep your eyes for Kiteworld Magazine Issue #74 which features a great write up on the RedBull King Of The Air and a nice shot of a Kiteloop during my heats.

See you next month, all the best,