Lewis Crathern’s November Update

“I had a great in time November visiting more Schools and also Asia for the first time! South Africa is just around the corner now but the conditions at home are at there best this time of year. Here’s my latest from the month of November….” 

Broadwater C.V. School Visit

I first visited Broadwater C.V School about 4 or 5 years back. Since then this is the 3rd time I’ve been. I focused schoolthe Assembly on staying healthy and being passionate about something. Children in First schools are so engaging they really love the colours of the kites, the videos and images and all my gear that I bring in.
At such a young age they don’t hold back on shouting and cheering when they like something, I really like that as the older kids can be a bit more reserved sometimes and need a different approach. Thanks for having me Broadwater C.V!


China World Course Racing Championships

I have a big World Map on the wall of my Bedroom with every place I have visited highlighted and also the places I want to see. China has always been on the map and I finally made it out there to report for The Kiteshow at the IKA Course Race World Championships.  The event was held in the amazing resort of King Bay in BOAO (The Island of Hainan) Competitors came from all over the world to represent there countries in chinaa format which is slightly different then what I am used to ‘Racing’. Racing is really taking off and has attracted lots of people from the Sailing World. It really is something watching 50 kiters all packed in tight for the start of the race with Tangles and crashes everywhere. I even managed to get on the Mic pictured above with Richard who was superb at translating for the local people what I was saying in English.

The Kite Tour Asia were one of the event partners and were my first inspiration to get out to Asia. So much seems to be going on out there with Kitesurfing really taking off, I look forwards to getting more involved with this tour and travelling back to Asia. During my time over in China i managed a few days in Hong Kong which was incredible, like being in the future I thought.



If you can cast your minds back all the way to my May Update you will remember that I undertook a small video project with ICENI Water. Iceni vidThis year we have built a great partnership as we share very similar values and I love promoting to people the importance of drinking water. Through the video me and Brett exchanged places for the day- I went to the factory to see his world and Brett came to the beach to see mine. I won’t say any more watch the video here and remember drink more water!

Thank you United Magic for the production.


Virgin Kitesurfing Armada – RNLI Presentation

The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada was a real success this year and great things are still coming from it. During the last weekend of November it was time to present our Cheque to the RNLI for £10,000. All the local kitesurfers gathered on Lancing Beach to show there support for RNLI. It’s essential that we build a great relationship with these guys as they are often first to the scene if we need help on water and they do such a great job looking after everyone in general. Thanks Eunice for the Photo.rnligiving

So thats in for November, if anybody ever needs more detail or higher res images just drop me an email.

See you Next Month, Lew