Lewis update Jan 2014

“I am back in Cape Town my second home! So much has been happening, I am riding every day and connecting with so manylewiscapetown14 people. Here is my latest news from the month of January.”

Lewis Cape TownKiteWorldWide Clinic Cape Town

This was my second year being part of the KiteWorldWide Cape Town Clinic. Guests stay at the amazing KiteWorldWide Mansion at Sunset Beach and have access to professional Kiteboarding Clinics from the Best Kiteboarding team. If you follow my updates you will know I love to teach people so this week is really enjoyable for me. Throughout the week we visit many different locations which are all very unique and different from the last. During the mornings I run through a spot guide and presentation on one area of Kiteboarding that I would like the guests to focus on. Pictured above, here we are getting ready for a session in the famous lagoons of Langebaan! See you next year at the next clinic in Cape Town.

Best Fest

‘BEST Fest’ took place midway through January and what a bellter of a day it was. The days are set up by BEST & Best Kiteboarding Africa to give the Kiteboarding community the chance to try out all the 2014 gear, meet and chat to BEST kiteboarding pro-riders, ride with us and party afterwards. I meet so many good people through these sorts of events and I really feel part of the team when we deliver these days. Something that is really nice about BEST Fest is that even if your not kiteboarding, we love to talk to you. This could well be the day that inspired you to start this amazing sport!

Best Youth Training

lewiskidscapetown14Last year I started Youth Training out here in Cape Town and there was an amazing response. This year I’m putting even lewiskidscapetown14more energy into it and we are meeting each Sunday for a session together. The kids are great and are so keen to learn. It’s not just the water-based side to the sport that I like to look at. With Kiteboarding being such a young sport I found it can be quite hard to manage yourself from both a health perspective and also a business side too. I like to give the kids some light homework- this week for example I have all asked them to write me a proposal email for sponsorship where I am pretending to be an Importer of a Kiteboarding Brand. I specifically advised the Dads not to help out! With Cape Town being such an amazing place to Kiteboard I’m certain a World Champion will be produced here.

Founders Kite Club

The second event I attended in January was the ‘Founders Kite Club’. Last year I went out to Egypt for the first ever event which was incredible. Entrepreneurs, innovators and athletes all come together through our passion of Kiteboarding. We are well aware of the bonding power of our sport and want to use that to push each other in life and work. The Founders Kite club organises Kiteboarding and business events to bring together likeminded people. Networking takes place everywhere, on the beaches at the dinner table and even out to sea! Together with other BEST team riders we take part in so many activities and of course I aim to develop everyones kiteboarding skills.

There was something really special about this particular event as my friend Dan who organised The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada was also a participant. We kicked off the Key Note sessions at the start of the week together, explaining how the Armada was formed and some of the challenges we faced.

The next event is in Tarifa where I will drive in March, see you there.

Lewis Crathern Cape Town Clinics

With all the other clinics running I must also make time for the Kitesurfing Community too. Lewis Crathern Cape Town clinics are running every other week now with GoPro feedback. If your ever fancy a session with me and you happen to be where I am (Cape Town or anywhere!) Get in touch I would love to work with you.

I’d like to leave you with this video I made from yesterdays session (5th Feb) It captures an amazing day out on the water more then anything I’ve ever shot! Take a look HERE

See you next month, Lewis