Lockdown 3 Kitesurfing Guidance

Many of you have been in touch asking that key question…”Can I go kiting?”

The answer for some of you, depending on where you live is YES… BUT not unconditionally.

Last night the government implemented a third full lockdown until February. Our interpretation of their regulations and our subsequent guidance is below:

  • Schools and training centres are to remain closed.
  • Advanced coaches are also required to remain closed / inactive.
  • Participants and general kitesports CAN BE practiced as beaches, parks and open spaces remain open, provided the distance you are travelling to do so is local. To define local: this means ‘within’ your village, town or city.

If your kite spot is nearby and in your local area, go for it, once a day, SAFELY, following the guidance.

If you live in London or a long way from your land / sea kiting location, then I’m afraid kitesports are off the agenda for the moment.

Kiters have been recognised during the pandemic as a good and responsible bunch of outdoor, sporty folk. Let’s keep that up as it pays dividends for us with councils, local authorities, harbour masters and beyond.

PLEASE don’t spoil it now.

PLEASE, PLEASE also follow our Winter and COVID kiting guidance as it’s the coldest, (and therefore) most hazardous time of the year to get in the water as the effects of exposure are profoundly rapid at the moment.

Stay safe, have compliant, safe kiting if you can, and here’s to the onset of spring.