Luke Places 9th in Germany

This event has been unreal, the setup for me was on par with St, Peter Ording last year!  I ended up coming 9th overall in the freestyle out of 33 riders, I am pretty stoked with this as there was some epic riders that showed up!  I managed to land my first ever crow mobe 5 in one of my heats! I’ve had it in my mind for a while now proper chuffed to land it!!

Last year I attended a few PKRA comps gaining an overall IKA ranking, this enabled me to progress to the 3rd round of the KTE using my seeded position, which made it a bit easier for me! 😉

I had a couple of hard heats at the start of the singles getting owned by the huge munching shore dump. Then the doubles were a little bit better for me as I was a little bit more use to the conditions.  The heat that pushed me into 9th position was probably one of the best heats I think I have ever done.  I think I got a stroke of luck when I landed the Crow Mobe 5 for the first time – I kind of over rotated my normal crow mobe doing the extra 180 landing heal-side! Hopefully more to come in the future! 😉

I have a good seeded  position going into the next round this week in Lamezia (ITALY) so hopefully I can give it a good go an push my ranking a little bit more!