Middle Wallop

Middle Wallop is arguably the UK’s biggest kite festival which takes place annually each May Bank Holiday.

And this year festival and BKSA competiton did’nt let anyone down!

With high winds and a good field of competitors in AM and Pro’s, the heats where full on! The bar put high from all the AM with a good level of riding through out, the Brindley brothers fighting it out  but it was Will Rose who took first. The Brindley brothers will be the ones to look out for at the next event as they pushed each other higher and faster.

wallop2011 1 wallop2011-2

In the Pro Landboarding Jack Elston took 1st, with a close 2nd Steve Smith and 3rd Ash Garwood. All three where max’ed out and going all out which lead to some BIG moves and crashes! A good crowd watched as all three went for it, with some riders getting to know the crowd a bit too well!

wallop2011-53 wallop2011-56

Best trick was won by Yusca who impressed everyone with solid landings and in-verted tricks!

Aswell as the landboarding the Am buggy went off too, with the weather holding and the competitors showing everyone what they can do, it wasnt to miss! With Josh Hough taking 1st with good control and smooth kite flyng, 2nd and 3rd was taken by Karen Cartlidge and Phil Revill. Nice to see Karen doing thhe girls proud in the buggying letting the guys know what there made of.

The weekend went down a storm and everyone who turned up for the festival and Comp all enjoyed them self, either in the air or on the dance floor! A good turn out made the festival and we look forward to next year and the next Kite event in Scotland.

wallop2011-119 wallop2011-73wallop2011-56 wallop2011-123

Pro Landboarding 1st Jack Elston, 2nd Steve Smith, 3rd Ash Garwood

Am Landboarding 1st Will Rose 2nd Jack Brindley 3rd Harry Brindley

Am Buggy 1st Josh Hough 2nd Karen Cartlidge 3rd Phil Revill


A special thanks to Chris Hayes for the photos, super job. More photos of the event can be found on his Flickr site.