MINI Kitesurf Worldcup Sylt 2012 is ready to roll and will start on June 26th – July 1st

High performance meets high expectation. Awesome jumps, dizzying races and pulsating slalom rides. Who becomes the World Champion title in Slalom and who will be the rising star in Freestyle and Race?

mini tour 2

Hamburg, June 12th – standing out as a favored destination by competitors and spectators alike, the “Brandenburger Strand” in Sylt becomes a lift of activity once the KTE arrives, drawing last year close to 100.000 of visitors and packing the beach with lots of entertainment and varied exhibitions of sport innovation products. Already 90 kitesurfers out of 19 countries are preregistered to the spectacular competitions in freestyle, slaloming and course races to win a spectacular prize money of €20.000 Euro. No official contest since the recent event 2011 attracted more kitesurfers.

Coming soon and beginning on June 26th until July 1st, Sylt will provide freestyle, race and slalom riders the opportunity to showcase their best skills in one of the best places on the North Sea Islands – looking to claim the World Champion title in Slalom and important points for the European Championship in Freestyle and Course Race.


Riders from the whole world travel to Sylt, which is also called “island of wealthy people and beauties”, to compete in these different disciplines.

The German fleet is ready to defend home waters: Freestyler Mario Rodwald (21, Rendsburg) and winner of the first tour stop in Austria is looking forward to compete in Sylt as well as racer woman Christine Bönniger (25, Kiel), second in Austria and Florian Gruber (19, Garmisch-Partenkirchen).

They will have a hard time: Bruno Sroka (36, Brest) water man and acting World Champion in Racing just crossed the channel between Calais and Dover within 5 hours and has a vast experience in tough conditions. French Shooting star Maxime Nocher (17, Cagnes sur Mer) conquered with 17 years the World Cup Race 2012 in France in the Mediterranean Sea and will now attack the rough North Sea.

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All racers will prepare themselves with great prejoy to the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. Kitesurfing is the new discipline in the Olympic Games. With regard to Rio, the KTE and the IKA offer a media round table on Monday 25th. from 6 to 7 p.m. to meet top riders of each country, who will tell their expectations concerning Kitesurfing and Olympia. As stated in the ISAF press release : “Kitesurfing proved he was ready to join the list of prestigious events and ISAF is a fantastic time to join the kite at the Olympic Games program in 2016”.

From now on, there is only one direction to take: to think and live and train for these Olympics. You can take the opportunity by passing at the press Office at Brandenburger Strand (Address: Surfschule Brandenburger Strand; Brandenburger Str. 15; 25980 Westerland).

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Boasting vibrant culture, scenic surroundings and some of the best kiteable conditions in Europe – it is no wonder so many professional kiteboarders call this place the European Hawaii. In Freestyle the spectator can follow spectacular action: Erik Volpe (21) from Italy, Michael Schitzhofer (25, Austria) and Stefan Spiessberger (23, Austria) will impress the judging panel and visitors with awesome jumps and professional moves as well as the dutch riders Johnno Scholte (20) and Tijn van Esch (24). All nations want to have a piece of the action, like the caribian Freestyler Baez Roa (23), who has the longest way to Sylt around 8.000km. With excellent conditions and best riders all over the world, the MINI Kitesurf Worldcup Sylt 2012, will surely provide the ultimate competitive spectacle, with non-stop action on the water and on the beach.