Morecambe Bay Ride and Slide

Morecambe Bay Ride and Slide

June 22nd- 23rd Slider,Kicker and Big Air!

Organisers – Morecambe Kitesurfing Club

Local Sponsors –Lancashire District Council ,The Lothersdale, Bay Chemists, Pegasus Pets, Bedland

The Olympic torch went through Morecambe on the Friday and to coincide the local club decide to run a Big Air and Slide comp the same weekend as part of the celebrations.

The wind has been howling in June and this weekend certainly delivered on a lot of fronts. The wind unfortunately made it difficult for the crew as the slider got destroyed on the Friday due to the 50mph winds!

However undeterred they rebuilt it ready for the Saturday

17 riders registered for the event and a riders briefing was held in the warmth of the Gingham café. It was decided to run the big air with everyone on 7 – 9 m kites and small ramps coming in conditions were ideal.

The competition was split into heats of 4/5 riders – with a reportage – which enabled riders to get a 2nd chance if they did not get through to the next round.

Along the way there were lots of crashes as riders had 5 minutes to do their best 3 jumps to progress. The youngster riders all seemed to think you had to do a trick as high as possible – and did not progress – it was mainly the older riders who knew how to Hangtime!

The Final was extended to 7 mins in the 30 knots breeze which enabled all riders to get quite a few jumps. Holly Kennedy surprised everyone hitting some amazing height to win her heats and taking her into the final with almost local Hannah Whiteley. On the boys side it was Peter Whiteley (father) and Pete Jones who made it to the final.

It was boys against the girls – Holly Kennedy and Pete (deadman) Whiteley did well however it was very close between Pete Jones and Hannah Whiteley. Pete made it look too easy to take the win – he knew he was high when he put his arm in the air!!

Saturday evening everyone went to the Lothersdale Hotel for Hotpot and pints!

Sunday dawned wet – however the wind was building and then the sun came out for the rest of the day

The slider and kicker were put in place on the sand and the tide pushed in – the competition started at 2.30pm Riders had one hour to bust there moves on both obstacles.

The Kicker was afloat first and comp began there was quite a few crashes however it was the youngsters with their boots who seemed in control.  Jake Moore in his bright orange boots who took the win as he consistently landed every hit unlike a lot of competitors!

The tide soon hit the slider which was fairly large – few ventured up it however again it was the young guns that made the most of it with some great rides – it really is quite hard!

Jack Daykin showed great style and control to take the win ahead of Jake Moore and Jack Brooks

Prize giving was done at 5pm

Big thanks to the local club who put in so much effort to make it happen , Glenn, Peter, David and Jason to name a few



  1. Pete Jones
  2. Hannah Whiteley
  3. Peter Whiteley
  4. Holly Kennedy

Biggest Wipe-out

Darren Hargreaves


  1. Jake Moore
  2. Jack Daykin
  3. Peter Whiteley


  1. Jack Daykin
  2. Jake Moore
  3. Jack Brooks