National Governing Body and Sport Recognition

Sport England, Sport Wales, Sport Scotland and Sport Northern Ireland now recognise the sport of Kitesurfing.

Westcountry TV REPORT

The British Kitesurfing Association (BKSA) is now the official National Governing Body for this sport

Richard Gowers, Chairman of the BKSA made the announcement to press on April 16th at Watergate Bay Cornwall at the first National Event of the season.

On hand were top UK and current champions Denzil Williams, Will Bennett and Dan Sweeney.

Members of the Board of the BKSA were also available to answer questions from the press – Andy Gratwick (Head of Training), Owen Stringer, Jason McCaffery and William Richardson.

Richard Gowers had this to say:

{xtypo_quote}It has taken over 5 years to get this recognition and it shows how far the BKSA and kitesurfing have come in 10 years.{/xtypo_quote}

This now puts kitesurfing firmly on the map as legitimate recreational activitie which require provision in every area of the country.

The BKSA have a complete program for membership, insurance, clubs, training and events to cover all activities.