New British Speed Record

Yesterday in over 40 knots of wind I broke the British kite speed record with a speed of 43.72 knots in lagoon at Luderitz in Namibia leaving me only 1 knot slower the the outright British record held by the windsurfers.

This was the first day of strong winds since I got here and it was such a rush to be with the fastest sailors on the planet in near perfect conditions for speed sailing.

The magical 50 knots was just missed by the slightest margin but the outright world record was also broken twice and ended up at 49.84 knots set by Robert Douglas from the USA and the ladies record was pushed higher by Sjoukje Brendenkamp with a fantastic 45.20 knots.

I still have 2 more weeks out here and there’s going to be plenty of time to go faster.