New Editor at Power Kite Magazine

I took over at Powerkite mag during 2011 and the mag has been through a few changes since then. We now offer 4 issues a year and cover a full range of land kiting activities from Landboarding and buggying to snow kiting.

As the leading land based kite mag in the world we are at the forefront of pushing the land kiting scene and feature contributions from around the globe. Whilst the focus for kitesurfing has consumed vast areas of our sports, the land kiting scene is still a fast paced scene.

The development in depowerable kites has pushed the land guys even further this year and the UK scene dominates on a worldwide basis. When you see the Push kiting guys going big on the landboards and doing tricks that most kitesurfers would be terrified by, it is a pretty inspirational.

The snowkiting world has some awesome action and is becoming a truly viable sport. With many areas of the world now embracing the sport of snowkiting it gives access to locations never before used for snow activities. Our latest issue of PK Mag (Issue 48) features a travel special with a global hit of kiting from Snowkite to landboarding.

Personally, I love all areas of kitesports and the BKSA is pushing all levels of kitesports. If you kitesurf and haven’t been on a buggy and landboard then you should give it a go. There is something truly terrifying about ripping along in a buggy at 50mph or getting good air on a landboard.

If you haven’t seen PK mag then check it out, we have a facebook page and the mag is available throughout the world

The most important thing is that we all love the sports that we do and recognize that they are all the same sports, kitesports. So whatever your style, whatever or wherever you ride, just make sure you do it with a smile on your face.

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Few pics of me with a smile on!

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