New Turbulence Angels

The Turbulence Angels have been revitalized with the addition of two new Angels hailing from the Turbulence stomping ground of North Wales; kitesurfer Meg Giffiths and freestyle buggier Marie Thorpe.  The Turbulence Angels invited the pair of inspirational girls to join them when they saw their dedication to kiting and how excited they were to help in spreading the word to other girls about what a fab sport kiting is!


Meg has been kiting for a year and a half and has just spent the last winter in SA. She came back to win the first round of the BKSA Ladies Ams in Swansea, which confirmed her place as an Angel!


Marie is one of a new breed of female freestyle kite buggiers. She has joined the Angels to show that kiting on the land is for girls too!  Turbulence is so proud to have them both on board to help the original Angels push the limits of girl’s buggy riding and kitesurfing.


The team of girls have a lot planned for the coming year, both individually and as a team… BKSA, PKRA, land events, snowkite events, girl’s taster sessions, videoing, traveling etc etc!!  As the first event for 2009, the Turbulence Angels have teamed up with Thundercat Racing for their event in Penmaenmawr, North Wales, on the 20/21 June.   They will be doing demo’s on and off the water to wow the crowds of Penmaenmawr and then will be offering free taster lessons to anyone who wishes to step up to the challenge in the afternoons.


For more information on the weekend go to and for info on the new crew of Turbulence Angels go to or email them on [email protected]