Sam Lutman-Pauc has smashed the World Record for kite surfing across the English Channel.   The original record was set by Richard Branson’s son in July, however Sam managed to take 27 minutes off to make it 1hr 51mins.  To record and help validate the World Record attempt Sam wore the new Suunto Ambit GPS watch.


Sam and the support boat set off from Dungeness on Friday 19th October under a heavy grey sky but with a steady 20 knots cross shore wind.  The first half of the crossing was textbook, steady wind, moderate sea conditions and the sun even started to break through.  Not for long though…   Ten miles off the UK coast, the sea changed to a 3-4 metre swell, the biggest Sam had encountered in the UK and which had him literally surfing down the  face of 3m waves.  Still progress was good until both Sam had to slow down to give way to an enormous tanker on a collision course with his board.  By the time the vessel had passed, Sam had drifted off course and the wind had started to drop.  Undaunted, he set off again and even with the wind down to just 5-10 knots, made it to Wissant Beach 27 minutes ahead of the previous record.


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