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Riding the waves with the wind in your hair at Kitechix event

Lots of girls kitesurf already, but we, the kitechix from Windtown Kitesurf Hotels, want to see more of them! Reason why we started the Kitechix events back in 2002. For girls who want to learn kitesurfing, and for kitechix who want to sharpen their skills through clinics.

kite chix

So imagine yourself with a group of like-minded, sporty girls, spending a few days on the beach. Checking the wind conditions after breakfast, deciding which size kite you will use. Laying out your lines, pumping your kite, launching it…. just before you start riding the waves with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face…

If this imagination suits you, then Kitechix is the perfect event for you!

In 2014, Kitechix will be organized in The Netherlands, Brazil and South Africa.

The following events are planned:

May 24-25:                          Kamperland (The Netherlands)

June 21-22:                         Zandvoort (The Netherlands)

July 23-24:                           Kamperland (The Netherlands)

September 20-21:            Ameland (The Netherlands)

November 8-12:               Langebaan (South Africa)

December 11-15:             Cumbuco (Brazil)

Check out the Kitechix Facebook page for more information:

For registration, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Come and be a Kitechix!