The BKSA and Fat Sand, creators of the Progression series of Kitesurfing DVDs, have just signed and agreement to work together on all future productions.

The Progression series will now become part of the BKSA approved DVD’s to watch to enhance the learning process with all BKSA courses.

The BKSA training department will act as advisors to Fat Sands on the latest teaching methods and techniques.

Richard Gowers Chairman of the BKSA had this to say “ Rob and the crew at Fat Sands have built up a great reputation and method of producing good quality easy to understand teaching DVDs . This partnership will further complete the BKSA range of recommended teaching products and we look forward to working with all of them.”

Rob Claisse Director of Fat Sands “The BKSA is an important part of the British kitesurfing community, as they continue to promote all sided of kitesurfing from teaching beginners through to competitions for advanced riders. This ties in closely with our own philosophy and we look forward to the benefits that a closer relationship between Fat Sand and the BKSA can bring to both to us, and the kiters around the UK.”

For more info on the Progression series or the BKSA:


Round 4 Skegness 

Hosted by – Skegness Kite & Surf Academy in association with The BKSA

Centrica, sponsors of the website for SKEGNESS KITE & XFEST, host to Round 4 of the British Kitesurfing Championships, were shown new ways for using wind when they were treated to power kite lessons and demonstrations from BKSA riders on Friday 22nd June 2007.

After spending the previous day enjoying a warm-up session on the cable ski tow courtesy of Skegness Water Leisure Park, followed by a ride in the fire engine limo, provided by Big Limo 999, a pampering session in the spa at Butlins and a magnificent feast at the noodles party at Beijing Dragon Restaurant, all provided for free, riders felt ready to hit the beach to show the Centrica guys how to do things.

On hand to give instructions were:
Lewis Crathern – Current British Champion, 21 year old Slingshot and Jimmy Lewis rider
Johara Sykes Davis – Currently leading the Pro Women’s competition, 24 year old, Flexifoil & Jimmy Lewis rider
Sjoukje Brendenkamp – World Speed Record Holder, 18-year-old, Naish rider

Neville Barltrop, Public Affairs manager for Centrica Renewbles Development Team and
Gero Vella, marine biologist of Renewable Energy Systems and part of Centrica’s development team were at SKEGNESS KITE & XFEST to increase public awareness for the development of the Lynn and Inner Dowsing wind farms. The wind farms, which are to be built 3 miles off Skegness, will provide 130,000 homes with energy, nearly half of the homes in Lincolnshire.

Both Neville and Gero admitted to not having flown a kite since childhood and were amazed at the power of even the small two line kites and were fascinated by the size of the kites that the riders use in competitions.

Richard Gowers, Chairman of the BKSA said; “It’s great to have Centrica on board. We share a very common interest in our need for wind although our usage is different. It’s fantastic that we can link Kitesurfing with environmental projects such as these.”

Whilst waiting for the wind to kick in, riders made use of the excellent facilities at the Cable Tow and X-Site Skate Park before finally getting on with the competition on Sunday.

Riding was good in the Pro Women’s comp with all riders being of a very similar standard. Johara Sykes Davis took 1st place with her consistent riding giving her the overall lead.

In the Men’s Amateurs final, Dan Gallimore’s excellent riding saw him take first place.

Ladies Amateurs only had two entrants with Kiera Alwood giving newcomer Anna Whitely something to think about.

The Seniors provided the best displays of the day with 4 times Amateur Champion, Kevin Maquire, putting on one of his best performances ever. Despite recovering from a gastric bug and being in the full throws of a chest infection, Kevin showed epic determination to hang onto his title whilst pulling off one huge Deadman!

Junior, Dan James rode consistently, pulling out the old school move, Deadman alongside new moves, F16’s & Kiteloops giving him 1st place ahead of Toby Raw & Tom Butler who both put in a good display but were just piped to the post.

Helen Thompson & Tom Butler added extra entertainment to the day when they surfed in front of a crowed beach whilst being towed by horses courtesy of the Independent Horse Extreme Demo Team!


Pro Women
1. Johara Sykes Davis – (Flexifoil, Jimmy Lewis &Turbulence)
2. Sjoukje Bredenkamp – (Naish)
3. Helen Thompson – (North)

Amateur Men
1. Dan Gallimore – (North)
2. Dave Williams – (Best)
3. Rhys Lloyd – (Airush)

Amateur Ladies
1. Kiera Alwood
2. Hannah Whitely

1. Kevin Maquire – (Best Jimmy Lewis)
2. Pete Whitely
3. Marizu Okereki

1. Dan James – (North,)
2. Tom Butler – (F – One)
3. Toby Raw – (Naish)
4. Deri Lloyd

For further information about what kitesurfing is download the following pdf
guide to ride leaflet or go to the online flick book

Kind regards.
Jo Edmondson
Media & PR Coordinator for the BKSA
[email protected]
01706 861372
0777 333 58 61
Media Partners for the BKSA

BKSA Round 3 Hunstanton

With little wind the riders had time to enjoy the rest of the festival with trampolines and displays and free sessions of inline skating, bmx and skateboarding. All in all a very good and relaxed event

After waiting all day for the wind everyone decided to go for a free sail. With all the pros in attendance a decision was made to start the heats. With Rob Snuggs, Lewis Crathern and Taro Niehaus in the finals the last heat with Ali Barrett versus Denzil to complete the final 4 the wind died and that heat will hopefully be run first thing tomorrow.

The womens pro’s only managed to complete a one heat with one heat having to be re-run, it was eventually black flagged due to lack of wind.

Hopefully we will be able to complete the heats and finals tomorrow morning leaving the ams and juniors most of Saturday and Sunday.

So after  a weekend of on and off weather heavy down pours to strong sun with little wind we managed to squeeze in enough kiting for results in the pro categories

Mens Pro’s

1st    Denzil Williams  

2nd    Lewis Crathern

3rd    Taro Niehaus

4th    Robin Snuggs

Womens Pro’s

1st    Joharra Sykes-Davies

2nd   Sjoukje Brendaenkamp

3rd   Annalisa Dovey

4th   Helen Thompson 



Hosted by:  West Lakes Renaissance, North West Regional Development Agency & NWKS{obfs:207219224263270274286227215212265225227208219224263268286227215212265217223203263274286227215212265208203212223263276}Thursday

The wind forecast was good and Thursday saw a great turn out of riders showing off their skills to the media and crowds who gathered on the beach. Those who turned up were in for a treat, 3 times world champion Aaron Hadlow turned up with British Champion Lewis Crathern and Neil Hilder, many people choosing to follow Aaron and Lewis around the coast to other beaches.

Their is a really strong rider turn out for this event, we just pray the wind will hold and the event can get underway on Friday…  



No wind today. Let pray for some tomorrow…



Well after an awesome start the wind gradually died and by mid afternoon had totally dropped.

With over 40 kites in the air at any one time this was a great turn ot for a bad forecast…well done for everyone who turned up!

Anyway the position so far

One semi in the mens completed and Denzil William is in the final beating Lewis Crathern into second and Sam Light in third.

The womens pro’s had only three turn up and after two heats it was a tie with Joharra Sykes Davies and Helen Thompson both having a first and a third and Sjoukje Brendenkamp from South Africa two seconds… the third heat was black flagged again but the girls decided that with only one minute to run that they would accept the result as it was at that point. (result to be announced)
The juniors had 4 entrants and again they found it difficult with the light winds. Even so they manged to produce an excellent display of control and skill. a few to watch in this category. 

  • See the galleries for a series of taster images – CLICK HERE

  • See Thursday’s video on our video section – CLICK HERE


Want to compete at international level ?

The BKSA can help, in 2007 we would like to help some up and coming riders who want to compete internationally.

We wish to help out on the following-

Entry Fees

Planned Escorted Trips as a British Team to International events

We hope to secure cheap accommodation, ferries to travel as a group

We will concentrate on European KWPT and PKRA events

Only a few will be selected

Criteria we you will be judged on-

To be competing in the Pro Division of the BKSA Tour
Send in a brief CV of your current results in 06 /07
Aims for the future
What sponsors you have
What help you can get from existing sponsors
Inability to get to locations – i.e. no transport/driving licence etc
Permission from Parents/ Guardians if under 18

Closing date – 1st May 07

Please send all info –
 [email protected]

If you want to know more please call Richard Gowers 01305 813555 or
07980 553057



Hosted by the Extreme Academy Watergate Bay Cornwall


Sunday morning started promisingly as riders woke to plenty of pranks and joke on this April Fools Day, however the biggest joke was that the wind disappeared during the riders briefing. Several attempts to run the competition in various formats from full heats to a slope style best trick failed in the disappointing wind. At least they tried!

The presentation was held below the beach cafe at the Extreme Accademy where the Pro winners were presented officially with their results (see below).

However due to the bad conditions two more prize were given to people who caught the judges eye Becky the only female riding in the Ams for best wipe out … after  being dazed she still managed to get back up and try to carry on with her heat, and Dan Sweeny with a fantastic attempt at a slim chance which he just missed landing in the poor wind.


BKSA flag at Watergate BayThe weekend got off to a good start with the press call on Thursday. A good turn out from the pro fleet provided the press and film crews with plenty of action and interviews.

Friday however was a disappointing start after a much anticipated beginning to this years events and the memories of last years epic conditions no wind arrived and the event was postponed until Saturday. 

Saturday started with clear skies and building surf but the wind was still not the best. N to NE which means cross offshore the cliffs created turbulence and the wind was very gusty and difficult for the pro fleet who were were first to sail.

After a riders meeting the fleet decided to carry on with the competition even though conditions were very difficult. The gusty winds provided one or two upsets and proved a big hindrance to the more technical riders whilst the old school moves became the staple for consistent scoring.

Both the mens and womens pro fleets were completed with one or two shocks on the podium.

Results so farLewis Crathern

pro mens

1) Lewis Crathern(Slingshot/JimmyLewis)

2) Ali Barrett(RRD /Lost Cause)

3) Mark Conolly(Flexifoil) 



Andreya Bennett

pro womens 

1) Andreya Wharry (Flexifoil)

2) Steph Bridge(North)

3) Helen Thompson ( North)



Look at the pictures so far here



The BKSA are happy to introduce the new tag system for harnesses.

The tags which are coloured and are high quality non removable are being issued to all members and are sent out with Membership packs.

We are issuing the colour Blue this year of 07 – It has a place for members to write there expiry date. A new colour will be introduced in 08

These tags are not proof of insurance – however they go some way to indicate that people have made the effort to become a member and therefore have insurance.

They will be replaceable if members loose them / change harnesses – they are very hard to remove and cannot be transferred.



Rush Frozen Jam

Lots of brands pumping surf but not much wind to speak of . A good turnout however.

Naish, F One, Slingshot , Da Kine and Blade were on hand to show all the new 07 kit.

Sunday a breeze blew enough for the kitelandboarders to get out and show there stuff.

Of course the wind blew on the Monday!



Portland Harbour

Weymouth and Portland kitesurf club have introduced a similar system to identify members, they are issuing Orange bands as in the picture, which are available as a year or half year.

Membership costs £25 or £15 (half year 1st July-31st Dec)

These are available if you join the club via the BKSA website or if you visit Paracademy Kitesurf School.

You can ride in Portland Harbour if you are not a member – however you will require to pay Harbour dues – which you can do at Windtek, Portland Road and Paracademy at Victoria Square Portland.

You will require 3rd party Liability Insurance – £ 2 million and be a minimum of Level 2 riding.

Charges are £2 / day or £6/week you will then be issued with a yellow band.

This system was introduced with the negotiation of the local club and the Harbour Authority and safeguards kitesurfing at Portland Harbour for the coming year.

The Harbour is private property and is the jurisdiction of Portland Harbour Authority – please respect their instructions.







1 Denzil Williams

2 Francois Colussi

3 Chaka Tsuma


1 Sam Light

2 Dave Ibbertson (Ibby)

3 Denzil Williams


Naked Man wrestling at the beach party (Russ McDonnell & Ibby)


Badger (Russell Cosh)


Sam Light


Robin Snuggs wins Asian Cup

UK based Robin Snuggs has just won the Asian International Funboard cup, the event was runing all last week.

Rob went though his three heats and meet up with Ken ( his landlord) & one other in the final & then took the win. he is now having to sleep on the beach as ken kicked him out !! Nice start to the season.

17 year old Rob has taken a year out from studies and has been training in Borocay over the winter months – he will be back in the UK for the start of the season.

 Watch out for the young ripper!



Additional benefits for members 

The BKSA have renegotiated with the Insurance companies and are pleased to announce additional benefit for members in the form of Personal Accident cover at no extra cost-

It covers the following 

Death; £10,000

Permanent Loss of sight in one or both eyes; £10,000

Permanent loss of one or two limbs; £10,000

Permanent total disability;£10,000



Seniors Division

The BKSA are proud to announce a Seniors division for all riders 35 or over from 1st Jan 07.

Can they beat 4 times Senior champ Kevin Maguire?