Notice of AGM – 14th August 2015

Dear Member,

We look forward to seeing you at the British Kitesports AGM to be held in Hunstanton on Friday 14th August at 18.30.

Please find attached below links to the formal Notice of Meeting and Proxy Form, together with various background and supporting documents.

You will see that we are proposing to elect three new directors as well as re-elect two existing directors (who must stand for re-election by rotation). These are:

New elections:

    • Andy Gratwick
    • Rou Chater
    • Olly Lawrence


    • Phil Revill
    • Sarah Sylvester

Resolution #10 merits further explanation as follows:

The Association currently has an all Non-Executive Board as required by its Articles of Association. The Articles contain a limit on the maximum remuneration that may be paid to the Non-Executive Directors of £1,500. There is no limit on what can be paid to service providers.

Two of the current service providers, Andy Gratwick and Rou Chater, are standing for election to the Board. If elected they may (subject to the approval of and on terms to be agreed by the rest of the Board) continue to provide services to the Association. In order to provide the Board the flexibility it may need to agree continued service provision, it is proposed that the limit on remuneration of Non-Executive Directors be increased from £1,500 a year to £30,000 a year. Should any proposal be made by a Non-Executive to provide services to the Association, then their proposal will be considered, negotiated and approved by the other members of the Board.

The Board is considering moving to a two tier structure with Executive and Non-Executive Board members and may bring forward proposals to restructure the Board along those lines either at or in advance of next year’s AGM.

Kind Regards

Andy Gratwick

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