Ocean Film Festival

All aboard for ocean adventure! Experience an evening of astonishing marine life and incredible seafaring adventures from the comfort of your sofa this autumn!

Going virtual for the first time ever, the Ocean Film Festival features a brand-new collection of mesmerising ocean-themed films, sharing tales from both above and below the ocean’s surface. Witness mind-boggling marine life, wild voyages and spectacular cinematography – plus legendary prize giveaways, exclusive behind-the scenes interviews and much more!

There are two dates to choose from, 25 October and 17 November, with the viewing windows open for 48 hours.  See www.oceanfilmfestival.co.uk/virtual for more info and to book passes.

To check out the trailers click on the below Youtube links:

Short: https://youtu.be/S4XZBBx84j0

Long: https://youtu.be/nKtsJYuoOgc

Book your slot, sit back, relax and enjoy!!!