Our Guidelines during the COVID 19 Pandemic

National Governing body Guidelines regarding kitesurfing during COVID 19 Pandemic

We thought it would be useful to circulate some generic information from us the National Governing body in the UK for Kitesurfing and kitesports regarding activities during the current COVID 19 pandemic.

  • All our recognised schools nationwide are closed and no practical lessons are taking place.
  • All events nationally are currently on hold, postponed or cancelled until further notice.
  • All face to face coaching and training courses are cancelled until further notice.

Advice to our entire membership of kitesurfers across the UK is…

Please don’t go kitesurfing at the moment

We are aware that a tiny percentage of our membership is lucky enough to live on, or within walking distance of a local kitesurfing beach or other local spot for their kite sport activities (lucky folk).

However our advice (which is just that…advice) to all our members and all kitesurfers nationally, is to please refrain from kitesurfing during this period of government “lock down”.
We know from rare tragic events, our sport bears a risk of accidental injury or worse, and our emergency services do not currently need any extra burden.

Enjoy a walk, a run, a cycle.

It will be windy when this is over.

Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives.

This advice is supported and reiterated by all 26 BKSA affiliated clubs

For and on Behalf of the BKSA and its Affiliated clubs

Andy Gratwick
British Kitesports MD