Palmera Local Sponsorship

Palmera Local – New BKSA Sponsor and premium clothing line !

Palmera Local is developing a community for the world’s magical locations and events and is proud to sponsor the BKSA Barrow event .’

Palmera Local was born out of a passion for those places around the world that make you go “aahhh…..” and the things we like to do there – like kitesurfing or just chilling in a hammock !

The question we ask is: ‘where’s your Palmera Local ?’

It’s also about connecting those places and activities online and also within a range of Premium clothing (starting with Ts and Hoodies)’wear your Palmera Local’ ‘

There wil be a new custom range of Ts and Hoodies created for the BKSA and available first at the Barrow Event on May 27-29 and online soon at

We look forward to seeing you at Barrow !

Palmera Local