PKRA Speed

The UK’s top speed rider Dave Williams has just returned from the second leg of the PKRA world speed tour in Fuerteventura at the Rene Egli pro centre Sotavento after coming 14th with a top speed of 37.15 knots.

The 5 days of competition saw 21 competitors from as far as South Africa, USA, Holland, Germany and the usual strong fleet from France complete 8 rounds of competion in challenging winds and water at the beach at Sotavento.

Despite relatively light winds for speed sailing and very high tides that saw the beach disappear there was some very strong performances from the now 3 times winner Sebastian Cattelan and current world champion and kitespeed world record holder Alex Caizergues who broke the course record with a top speed of 40.8 knots and a newcomer to speed sailing Robert Douglas who smashed the USA record (previously held by Robby Naish) with a very impressive 40.21knots and came 3rd in his first world speed event.

The girls had a very close battle between south African world record holder Sjoukje Brendenkamp and France’s raining world champion Charlotte Consorti who where pushing speed sailing to new levels for the girls in some very difficult conditions.

The final round of the tour has unfortunately been cancelled due to logistic problems in Namibia but there will be a world record attempt in September for the top 20 speed riders in the world where Dave is planning to go for the world and British speed records.

Dave would like to thank his sponsor’s Best kiteboarding and Deadman clothing for supporting him in his persuit of speed.