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poole kite club

Poole Kitesurf Club was set up in March of this year as a means of joining together local kiters and we quickly grew to 200 members.  

Shortly afterwards we were approached by Poole Harbour Commisioners via the Harbour Master who was concerned with safety especially in Poole Harbour and it was made clear that unless safety and regulation were considered a ban of could be in place in Poole harbour. The club was asked to be the main point of contact for the Harbour Master in an independent and equitable manner to ensure that kiting remained viable long term locally for the masses as well as the local shops and schools who’s very existence relies on Poole Harbour being accessible.

We have for years been blessed as having Poole harbour on our doorstep, the 2nd biggest natural harbour in the world, with its shallow waters and stunning scenery. However with the explosion of the popularity of kiting over the years and the proximity of the main road and hazards of the sea wall and often over 100 kiters on the water the harbour has become possibly hazardous for all users and the pubic. The club is committed to working with the PCH, council and local stakeholders and local kiters to keep the facility of the harbour safe and sustainable.

To ensure the messages of safety reach a large population I am inviting you to join Poole Kitesurf Cub so your voice can be heard,

In addition to the more formal side of regulation and safety the club has a fantastic social scene and we meet for a beer and a natter most Thursdays. I have been keen throughout to keep the club FREE to encourage as many members as possible to join and be a part of something that could be very exiting.  The networking via the social medium of Facebook has been very successful allowing people to meet to kite ensuring you always have a kite buddy to share your fun, often there are 20-30 club members on beaches across the south coast you can join.

The club also organises an annual Fundraising summer party, last year we raised £4,500 for MacMillian Cancer Care and this year we aim for raise in excess of £10,000 for charity.

Over the winter when kiting is not possible there are frequent trips to other events such as snowboarding and paint balling. The club despite its name welcomes kiters of all disciplines, water land and snow.

How do you join ?  All we require are your BKSA membership details and expiry dates and and enter your details here .. http://www.poolekitesurfclub.co.uk/p/join-club.html

When you renew your insurance via the BKSA please ensure you join via the club on the drop down menu here and we then receive £5 into the funds of the club to put towards safety and recognition. British Kitesurfing Association – BKSA

We are planning to host some training events in the new year which we we open to all members for free and all such events will be advertised via e-mail to members as well as on our Facebook like page https://www.facebook.com/Poolkitesurfclub

and on our very busy and interactive group on facebook.

and there are now new forums on the clubs website for those who do not use Facebook.


The club is still very much in its infancy and as we develop with more members and income from joining and renewing members we will be developing club rashes, tags for harnesses mail shots and newsletters.

Come and join us, have a voice and be part of something that is proving to be successful and very exiting !

Kind regards


E-mail : [email protected]

Website: www.poolekitesurfclub.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/PooleKSC